A Quick Getaway from Manila: Pico de Loro

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Pico de Loro is one of the places that I want to visit in Batangas. Located only in Nasugbu, Batangas, Pico de Loro is a residential resort in Hamilo Coast. Before, only members of the Pico de Loro Beach Club can stay there. But, now, you can visit and access the facilities as long as you know someone who is a member.

A Quick Getaway from Manila: Pico de Loro 2

Pico de Loro was one of my quick getaways from Manila before I left for Sweden. We went there during summer so I already expected that there will be a lot of people.

It was my first time visiting Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, and my expectations were really high because of the hype from social media.

Every time I think of a quick beach getaway from Manila, I always think of Laiya, Batangas. But, I know that Nasugbu has great beaches that it can offer too. What’s more exciting is this was a trip with Miguel’s friends.

Can you visit Pico de Loro without a membership?

You can visit Pico de Loro (Hamilo Coast) without membership. You just need to provide an authorization letter from a member, or a member will endorse you if you are staying in one of the condos.

Only guests, however, listed in the letter can enter Pico de Loro.

Pico de Loro (non-member) guest fee in 2022

The guest fee at Pico de Loro should be paid upon arrival. It varies per season, the guest fee for an adult on a weekend is PHP 800 (lean season), PHP 1,200 (peak season), PHP 1,400 (high season), and PHP 1,600 during holy week.

Children below 4 years are free of charge.

Guest fee on the lean season (Weekdays of January – February & July – November)

  • Adult: PHP 800
  • Child (4-12 years old): PHP 300

Guest fee on the peak season (Weekends of January – February & July – November; Weekdays of March – June & December; All holidays)

  • Adult: PHP 1,200
  • Child (4-12 years old): PHP 600

Guest fee on the high season (Weekends of March – June & December)

  • Adult: PHP 1,400
  • Child (4-12 years old): PHP 700

Guest fee on the holy week (April 10 – 16, 2022)

  • Adult: PHP 1,600
  • Child (4-12 years old): PHP 800

What you should know before traveling to Pico de Loro in Hamilo Coast

  • All guests should wear a wrist tag upon registration. This allows you to use their facilities.
  • You are required to buy a reloadable cash card worth PHP 1,000. One cash card per group will do.
  • All transactions in the resort are cashless. Thus, the cash card. You can also use debit and credit cards.
  • Guests should pay a fee regardless if they are accompanied by a member or not.
  • Most units in residential buildings are fully-furnished.

After traveling for 3 hours from Manila to Pico de Loro, all guests should register upon arrival and pay the guest fee. Each guest will a wrist tag that should be worn all the time. Once the registration is done, you can ride their shuttle to drop you off at the condo you are going to stay at.

Pico de Loro has four residential buildings: Jacana, Myna, Carola, and Miranda.

Our driver dropped us off in Carola, the condo where we were staying at. We then checked in at the front desk and waited for the unit’s caretaker. The check-in time was supposedly 2 PM, but they allowed us to check-in by 12 PM.

Accommodations in Pico de Loro

One of the easiest ways to find a member that could endorse you to Pico de Loro is by booking accommodation at Airbnb.

My personal recommendations:

You can also book through Klook. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, then you can book a room at Pico Sands Hotel.

Discounted Hotels & Resorts in Batangas

Save money on your accommodation by booking from one of the hotels & resorts below! You’ll also get more perks like late check-out or more discounts.

Click the links below to get more details.

Cintai Corito’s Gardenup to 35% discount! Overnight stay with complimentary breakfast and PHP 500 dining credits.

Palm Beach Resortup to 20% discount! 1-night stay in a comfortable Junior Room for 2 person(s). Also includes PHP 500 worth of F&B credits and 1-hour use of Kayak (a subject upon availability)

Pico de Loro photos

View from the balcony of the condo

Pico de Loro - View from the balcony - Karen Roldan

Pico de Loro Main Beach

The main beach in Pico de Loro is accessible for all guests. We were unable to visit the beach club because it is exclusive to members only or member-accompanied guests.

Pico de Loro - Main Beach - Karen Roldan

As expected, there are a lot of people staying in Pico de Loro because we went on a weekend during the summer.

It’s pretty easy to go around Pico de Loro because there are shuttles that you can hop on. You can walk from the condo to the beach, or you can also take the shuttle.

Apparently, there are literally no people on the left side of the beach. That’s why I stayed on this side too. There are a few people near the shore who are taking pictures, but still, this place seems a lot more calming than the one in the previous photo.

I love the beach. That’s obvious. But, you can barely see me swimming on the beach. I just don’t like the feeling of wet sands on my feet especially when I need to wear my slippers afterward.

Pico de Loro - Sand - Karen Roldan
Pico de Loro - Tree on the Main Beach - Karen Roldan
If I am to come back here, you know where to find me. I like how that chair is located under the tree. What a perfect spot to bask under the sun. I can imagine myself listening to good music while reading a good book. Just the thought of it makes me excited.

I know that the photos below are a good place to stay. However, it’s not free to use! We were told that you need to pay PHP 700. Good thing kuya let us stay here. We told him that we will just leave it there are guests who want to occupy this place.

So, are you in love with the pictures already? Do you want to visit Pico de Loro now? But, wait! There’s more! Haha. Here are my favorite shots of the pool. I’d like to remind you that these photos were taken at around 7 AM. That’s why there is barely anyone in the pool.

Swimming pool at the Pico de Loro Country Club

Again, we took a shuttle from the beach to the swimming pool. It wasn’t that far, but it’s better to take a shuttle. If you are a large group, you may find it difficult to ride altogether because one shuttle can only accommodate 15 people including the driver.

Pico de Loro - Path to the swimming pool area
Pico de Loro - View to the swimming pool - Karen Roldan

I like how the shower rooms and changing rooms are air-conditioned. So far it’s the best that I have ever seen! I couldn’t take pictures, but trust me, it’s the best!

Pico de Loro Activities

There is a lot more than you can do during your staycation in Pico de Loro (Hamilo Coast). Though the majority of the activities there are not free.  

  • Banana boat
  • Snorkeling
  • Cove Tour
  • Volleyball / Football
  • Frisbee
  • Water taxi
  • Jetski
  • Fishing
  • Kayak
  • Paddleboarding
  • Swimming Pool
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Baia Ballroom & Foyer
  • Bowling
  • Billiards
  • Cala & Alegria Function Rooms
  • Club Pico
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym
  • Video Game & Karaoke Room
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Park Rides
  • Row Boat
  • Pony Ride
  • Board Games
  • Table Tennis
  • Chapel
  • Mangrove Tour

Tips on how to save more during your stay at Pico de Loro

  • Go in a group so you could divide the expenses on accommodation and transportation.
  • Cook your own food; Or, order your food beforehand and bring it to the resort.
  • Visit Pico de Loro during the lean season.
  • If you’re friends with a member, invite him/her so you’ll save more

How to travel to Pico de Loro

Fastest route by car (up to 2 hours)

  • From the Mall of Asia Complex, go straight to CAVITEX exit via the Coastal Road.
  • From CAVITEX exit, go straight to Kawit going to Bacao Road and Tejero.
  • From the Petron gas station, take the road going to the town of Tanza.
  • Continue driving until you reach Ternate.
  • Follow the main road leading to Puerto Azul. Turn left to access the Kaybiang tunnel, and then drive until you reach the Hamilo Coast main gate. 

By public transportation

  • From Buendia or Coastal terminal, take the bus to Nasugbu.
  • Once you are at the town proper, alight at SaveMore or Jollibee.
  • Take a tricycle to Hamilo Coast (around PHP 200 per trip).
  • From Hamilo Coast, take the private shuttle to Pico (around PHP 200 per person).

Final thoughts on my staycation at Pico de Loro

Staying at Pico de Loro for the weekend was a good experience. It is also ideal for a family, especially with small kids. The overall stay was quite expensive since we had to pay the guest fee as well. But, we were able to save because we brought food and cooked in the condo.

Because of the guest fee, Pico de Loro seems a bit more exclusive, that’s also why it is less crowded.

The registration upon arrival took longer than I expected given the fee you have to pay. The staffs were helpful and approachable too. You don’t have to worry about getting around Pico de Loro because of the shuttles.

Just keep in mind that Pico de Loro only accepts debit/credit cards.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if the tric fare from Nasugbu Town Proper to Pico Gates is still the same until now for 200php? I was planning for commute lang. I checked in the map kasi, it’s 84kilometers din. Thank you!

  2. Halaaaaa, if ever we go on a trip, baka di tayo magkasundo. Kasi di ka nagsswim sa beach!!! (loljk HAHAHA)
    Same with Ella akala ko membership lang talaga diyan. Buti pwede pala magbook in airbnb!

    1. HAHAHA. I’ll take pictures na lang than swim on the beach! Super bihira lang talaga ako mag swim sa beach ?
      Yaaaas, you can! They’re willing to provide an authorization letter for you. Basta kung sino ung nasa list, yun lang pwedeng pumasok. Medyo strict sila dun eh.

  3. Ahhh, the pools look heavenly~ Sadly mas pool person ako kesa beach, haha! Lately ang bihira ko na mag-South due to the terrible traffic 🙁

    1. I agree! I go home sa south on weekends lang, but the traffic is terrible. Lalo na sa Alabang-Zapote road! Hahaha. We have our own version of EDSA. ?

  4. Akala ko nagpapapasok na sila ng non-members. Hehe. Wanted to go here ever since I moved to Cavite. Too bad I don’t know any members.

    1. Akala ko din! Kaya nagulat ako when I heard na kailangan ng authorization letter ? but marami na rin nkakapasok dun sa Pico kahit hindi ka member. Kasi they rent a room via AirBNB or may mga member na nagpapa-rent ng unit nila online. Tapos they’ll provide the letter na lang. ?

  5. The resort is so nice! i saw this on David and Vina’s IG din. Pero sayang naman it’s a membership resort like Balesin. Wala na akong chance makapunta dyan if ever. HAHA 🙁

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