Our Wedding Abroad

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I have been living abroad, away from Miguel, for over a year. He proposed to me in 2019 when he visited Sweden. We both wanted to have a small wedding or a civil marriage only—and spend the money on the honeymoon instead.

We never imagined ourselves having a wedding abroad, but we loved how everything turned out.

Our wedding story is not as grand as what is often shown in social media. We planned to have a small wedding ceremony with family and close friends. Luckily, we were able to keep our wedding small because we decided to get married in Stockholm instead of going back to the Philippines.

Funny enough, our small wedding got smaller because we got married during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Too many cancelled flights, too many uncertainties, too many cancellations, and too many last-minute changes.

In the end, it was only me and Miguel, and our photographer who was in the ceremony.

Wedding Plans before the Pandemic

Since we have decided to get married in Stockholm, this means Miguel needs to travel from the Philippines to Sweden.

My family cannot travel, but Miguel’s family are supposed to come to our wedding in March.

My best friend is living in Finland together with her family, so they are also supposed to come. Another friend living in Portugal also booked a flight to Stockholm.

My friends in Stockholm are, obviously, coming too!

Our plan is to have a small wedding without reception, so we made a reservation in a restaurant to have brunch after the wedding.

After that, we were supposed to have a flight two days after!

Two to four weeks before the wedding, everything is being cancelled.

I didn’t have too much stress on the cancellations because we didn’t plan anything grand nor paid too much money.

We were just both devastated because our family and friends cannot celebrate with us on our wedding day.

Our Wedding Story

Honestly, a wedding ceremony is at the bottom of my list! Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of wearing a wedding dress, walking down the aisle, spending the entire day with family and friends, and crying on the wedding day.

But, I don’t feel the need to have it now.

Wedding Preparations

I am probably the least-prepared bride you could ever meet!

We did everything in our wedding month! With a lot of things going on during that time, I couldn’t think straight.

I ordered a few white short dresses, earrings, and shoes online. Looking for shoes online was difficult for me because I have small feet. I wanted light-colored shoes, but it’s either my size is out of stock or they don’t offer my size at all.

I had to return a lot of shoes because it didn’t fit me (smaller sizes are not often available in stores so I need to order it online).

That’s when I decided to keep everything simple: order a black shoes.

I ordered my bouquet a week before the wedding. It didn’t come to my mind at all—I only realized it when I was looking for wedding photos on Pinterest.

I never imagined this to be part of our wedding story but that’s the reality! Writing about it makes me laugh because I couldn’t believe myself with how I prepared our wedding.

Wedding Day

I am getting married.


I planned to wake up at 5:30 so I have plenty of time to do my hair and makeup (PS I don’t know how to do my hair and how to put a makeup). But, guess what? I woke up at 7 AM!

As soon as we woke up, I told Miguel it’s our last day of being single and he will be my husband when we get back to the apartment.

We did our usual routines and now I had to choose which dress I will wear. For a couple of weeks, I was torn between two dresses.

We had a quick lunch, booked an Uber and arrived at the city hall within 15 minutes.

We got married at Stockholm City Hall on the 28th of March 2020. We are having a civil marriage, and its ceremony will only take around 5 minutes.

We arrived early to have a photoshoot with our photographer, Eva of Evia Photos.

I absolutely love her! Miguel and I are both camera-shy but I felt at ease with her. She made the entire photoshoot comfortable and I love how all the photos turned out.

I’m thankful that we still have a photographer on that day. At least I have pictures to share our wedding story.

I'm Married
Our Wedding Abroad 1

That time when Eva said, “soon Miguel will be your husband.” ❤️

Our Wedding Abroad 2

Miguel looked at me so I showed a finger heart. ❤️

Our ceremony is at 13:00 and we need to be there at least 15 minutes before. The Oval Room is where the ceremony will take place which is on the second floor.

Before we go to the Oval Room, we had to show our IDs to the City Hall staff. The lady gave us a paper that we will give to the staff in the Oval Room.

Our Wedding Abroad 3

Civil Marriage in Stockholm City Hall

As soon as we entered the Oval Room, it suddenly dawned to me that I am getting married NOW. The blood rushed in and I got excited more than ever.

There were chairs on the right side where we can put our coats and bags. I was a bit nervous because I know that the ceremony is so quick, you won’t have the time to remove your coat.

But since the room was empty, we were allowed to take our time.

Our Wedding Abroad 4
I love how Eva, our photographer, captured this photo!

When the officiant was reading the ceremony, I couldn’t understand everything; I’m feeling emotional and I’m on the verge of crying. But, as I have said, the ceremony is so quick, you wouldn’t have time to be emotional!

After 2 to 3 minutes, maybe, we are now putting the ring on each other.

I'm Married

Also, kissed each other!

After the officiant said we are now husband and wife, she gave our marriage certificate.

Our Wedding Abroad 7
Aaaaaand, we are married! ❤️❤️
Our Wedding Abroad 8

I’m finally married to my best friend!

Before our wedding, we tried to remember how our relationship started. We were just coworkers with little to no interactions, until one day, we couldn’t stop talking to each other.

I still read the letter that I wrote for him—a letter to the most annoying person I can’t live without.

I love how we always trust the process and how we always make our plans happen—no matter how long it’ll take.

Now that we are married, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

Our long-distance relationship will not end yet. We have more steps to go but we are getting there!

All photos were taken by Eva of Evia Photos. Also, love her photos as I do? Get in touch with her!

  1. Congratulations! I’m really happy whenever I see my friends getting married and settling down. ❤️ Our priorities and perspective changes as we grow older. Basta as long as you’re happy and contented. Stay healthy and safe during this pandemic! Hope to meet you soon kapag umuwi ka na ng PH. Hehe! ?

    1. Thank you! Being happy and contented is the key talaga. Also it’s important to be with the right person din!

      Takot na akong umuwi ng PH! HAHA. But, yes, I hope mag meet na tayo soon!

  2. ROLDAN!!!!!! Except you’re not Roldan anymore. Hahaha. I imagine that your wedding will indeed be very different if it was here in PH. Best wishes to you both! Godspeed on new adventures as husband and wife! ^_^

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