A Visit To Cebu’s Historical Place: Cuartel and Baluarte

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We only had a day to visit and explore Oslob, Cebu. Our first activity was whale shark watching and swimming at Sumilon Island. The first two activities were tiring enough; we can either go to Tumalog Falls or Cuartel afterward. Since we have had enough of water activities, we all decided to visit Cebu’s historical place: Cuartel & Baluarte. From the whale shark briefing area, it only took us 20 minutes to travel to Cuartel. I must say I was pretty tired because I fell as sleep as soon as we started to travel! I woke up only to find out that we arrived already.

We only stayed there for a while, though. Around 20 minutes is enough to get a glimpse of Cuartel & Baluarte. I like visiting places like this because of its historical background.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Unfortunately, it was burned down in 1945, and 1955 but the people restored it. In addition to that, around 2008, a fire destroyed the interior of this 19th-century church, sparing only the image of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and the other 73 icons near the door to the bell tower.

Up to the present, major reconstructions were made thus the church is back to its original state.



Museo Oslob

Too bad the Museo Oslob was closed when we went there so we’re not able to go inside the museum.

I don’t regret choosing Cuartel over Tumalog Falls. I was fascinated by its surroundings – from fresh air to the view of the coastline, this place is definitely a place where you can stop and relax for a moment.

A 20-minute stay is already enough to know a bit about this historical place in Cebu. Right after visiting Cuartel, we are now faced with a new adventure: hiking to Osmeña Peak!

    1. Thanks, Kai! Sayang nga we didn’t do the city tour much. We spent a lot of time buying pasalubongs so we only went to few places. But Cebu is worth coming back to so I’ll definitely come back there.

  1. This is the part of Cebu I wasn’t able to visit during my last trip. This means more reasons to go back! I’ll explore more of the South naman soon. It’s great that they kept restoring the church after those unfortunate events. I hope to see these beautiful architectures one day.
    The stories behind these structures gave extra chills too.

    1. My friend has been telling me this beach in north… Bantayan Island? Not sure with the name! The next time I visit to Cebu, it’ll be the north!
      I knew we had the right decision when we decided to go to Cuartel instead of the falls. Feeling ko nasa ibang era ako that time, but peaceful naman. ?

  2. We were not able to visit this part of Cebu last February. This means, I have more reasons to go back to Cebu. I’ll go South naman. It’s great that people kept restoring the beautiful church despite of all the unfortunate events happened to it. I hope to see these architectures one day.

  3. I like visiting historical places as well. Aside from the history I’ve always loved the old architecture. I’m always fascinated by old buildings and ruins because the building speaks for itself. The photos are nice! 🙂
    Nika | http://www.wheresnika.com

    1. I am more in love with old architecture especially since it has strong history. I like knowing how despite what happened before, the ruins stood still! And thanks, Nika!

  4. This place seems really cool! To be honest, despite living in Cebu for 15 years, I’ve never heard of Cuartel or Baluarte. Odd.
    Is it just me or does it kind of give you a bit of a chilly vibe looking at the architecture?

    1. Cuartel/Baluarte is always part of the “where to go” list. But I think there are also different terms on that place? I’m not really sure though! ?
      It really gives a bit of a chilly vibe!

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