How To Be Worry-Free When You Rent A Car


Have you ever rented a car before? If you're like me who haven't tried to rent a car then we both know that choosing a company is a struggle. I cannot remember how many attempts I had in renting a car.

To  be honest, I don't even know where to start. I have yet to figure out how the industry works, and how much is enough. A few days ago, my coworkers and I were planning for our trip. We are weighing our options whether we should rent a van or bring two cars on our trip.

Here are the things that we considered:

  1. What type of car should we use?

  2. How much is the cost per day?

  3. Is gas included? Driver?

  4. What else are the extra fees?

  5. What about their insurance policy?

...and the list goes on!

How can you save money when you rent a car?

  1. If you are visiting another country, do not rent a car at the airport. Obviously, there are more costs when you rent a car at the airport. It is more convenient, but if you have a choice and you want to save more, it'll cost you less if you rent a car at your hotel.

  2. Only get the car that you need. While I am browsing through different car rentals online, I am very tempted to book a car I haven't driven. For example, I am more comfortable driving SUV than sedan so it is more likely I'll rent an SUV one.

  3. But did you know that the price also varies according to the type of car? The bigger the car, the more expensive it is. So, get the smallest possible car that you need.

  4. 3. Plan ahead. Nowadays, there are several car rental companies that you could choose from. Compare the prices and its inclusions then weigh your options.

  5. 4. Get an insurance at a considerably lower price. In some instances, companies will need or offer you to buy their insurance. This insurance can be important because it could cover the expenses for when the car is damaged or you had an accident.

Do I really want to rent a car?

Ask yourself that question first to help you decide whether you should rent a car or not. It's important to know what you need so you could consider its utility. Regardless, it is still for you to decide if renting a car will cost less or more.

Now, how to be worry-free when you rent a car?

Renting a car has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. What I worry the most is what can I do if I had an accident? The cost of the damages scares me. No matter how much you want to be careful while driving, accidents happen.

This is one of the reasons why I always bother buying insurance policies. The only problem I have with some insurance policies is the cost is exaggerated and a lot of hidden charges outside the fine print. Luckily, I recently collaborated with carinsurent, a company that provides service for people who want to save money when they rent a car. It is now my go-to company when I need to buy an insurance.

For a low price, carinsurent can cover damages to rental cars such as tires, windscreen, glass, under body and roofs. Not only that, but they also cover single-vehicle accidents. More importantly, you no longer need to worry about your stuff because they also cover lost, stolen or accidentally damaged personal belongings.

What are you favorite rental car company? How much did it cost you when you buy an insurance?