A Visit To White Cross Orphanage

Two weeks ago, I visited White Cross Orphanage in San Juan, Metro Manila. White Cross provides a temporary home for children from age 0 to 6.

My previous manager invited me and Miguel for this event, so I was with my coworkers from my previous company. We met 71 cute little kids who are 2 years old and above. It was quite a lot! But, the fun was also worth 71 times.

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Miguel and I arrived at White Cross around 2:00 PM. There are few people who arrived first, and almost everything is already prepared. We ate our food while waiting for the kids. With the number of kids, I was told that we won't find time to eat later.

It's pretty difficult to book a visit in White Cross especially on weekends. There are only two batches per day: the morning batch and the afternoon batch. So, we are quite lucky to have an opportunity to visit and play with the kids.

Meeting the kids

It was around 2:50 PM when the kids finally started arriving. I didn't expect that there will be a lot, but yes, there's a lot of kids! All of them were excited to see new faces and I can see the smile on their faces. While I was seated, kids started to approach me and all of them wanted me to carry them.

It feels like they are longing for such affection. I saw kids who didn't want to be carried down. Once they start to cling on you, they no longer want to let go. Some even started crying.

Playing with the kids

Jollibee also shared the fun with us. They hosted several games for the kids. However, not everyone joined the game because some are busy drawing, coloring, talking and playing on their own. Of course, the adults joined the fun too. Who says only the kids are allowed?

I was busy playing with the kids when one kid suddenly grabbed my hand. Her name is Ashley, she's around 6 or 7 years old. I wasn't paying attention to the game, but, apparently, the kids need to bring one adult to join them. I'm so happy when Ashley grabbed my hand.

The game is simple: we only need to go around while the music is playing, and once it's stopped, we need to stay on one of the colored mats. The host will pick one color, and those who are on that mat will have to go. This went on until 2 mats remained. Yay! Ashley and I won the game - together with the other kids who are on the same mat.

Eating with the kids

After the games, it's now time for the kids to eat their snacks. The food was from Jollibee. It's for the kids only (boo! We didn't get any. Haha). The kids were all excited for the food. They didn't wait for the crews to place the food on their tables.

I remember there was one kid who didn't start to eat yet. His name is Dairyl (I'm not sure with the spelling), I asked him if he can eat on his own. He smiled shyly and said he can't. Then his friend told me that he can eat on his own! Hahaha. We were all laughing but I still helped Dairyl eat.

Another kid, named Lucas, seemed to have difficulty eating. He eats with a fork on his left hand and has trouble eating the food because it keeps on falling off the fork. I told him that he could use a spoon on his left hand if he is comfortable that way. Lucas is so sweet, by the way. His friend, TJ, wants more food so Lucas gave his remaining dish to him. He was only eating rice. I noticed it late, but I still asked him if he wants me to get another dish for him. He said he was fine with the rice only.

The kids' hunger for affection

I noticed that the kids are always longing for somebody else's affection. To be honest, I feel sad and I want to hug each one of them. There was this kid (sorry, I didn't get his name) who keeps on pulling my hand and placing it on his shoulder. He wants hugs, he wants comfort.

Ashley came to me and introduced her little brother, Lucas (yes, he's the nice kid I was telling you about), and she told me she has another younger sister. They are all living there together in White Cross, but she said Lucas is sleeping in a separate room. I was surprised when Ashley told me that she also has an older sister but they are already separated. I didn't have any follow up questions.

Ashley couldn't let go of my hand. She excitedly sat beside me when we were about to take a group photo. Lucas was with us too!

Dairyl, nonetheless, is a sweet kid too. He seems to like it when I wipe his face after eating. Again, he has another piece of cake on his face. He was laughing when he called me, then he showed me his face. As I was wiping his face with a tissue, he just keeps on giggling.

It was my first White Cross visit, but definitely not the last

To be honest, seeing the kids enjoying that day is fulfilling. I couldn't ask nor think of anything else. I just want to make them happy, I just want them to feel that they are being loved, and I want them to know they are not alone.

When it was time for them to go back to their rooms, we went upstairs and visited the kids younger than 2 years old.

We first visited the infants. Did you know that the youngest baby in White Cross is 1 month old? We were told that some babies there were from the hospitals. Apparently, their parents left them there. We are not allowed to carry them, so we only saw them by the window.

Lastly, we visited the toddlers. There are lots of toddlers in the room, but some are still sleeping. Fortunately, some toddlers are already adopted. The adoptive parents are just finalizing the documents; I can't wait for them to have their own family. One toddler is moving to UK!

Want to visit White Cross Orphanage?

Yes, please! I encourage you to visit White Cross orphanage and spend your half-day with the children.

Feel free to donate as well. I have listed here the things that the children need. You can donate cash too. :)

For more questions and inquiries, please contact Ms. Wilma at +63 922 562 3891.

For cash donations: 

Account name: White Cross, Inc. 

Account number: 3943054559 

Branch: BPI Greenhills West Branch

Note: Please inform White Cross that you have donated cash to their bank account.

Things to remember:

  1. No posting of pictures of the kids (if posted, make sure to blur the kids' faces)
  2. No selfies/solo picture with the kids. Photos should always be in groups.
  3. No smoking.
  4. No skimpy clothes.

Things that you can donate:

Medicine Cetirizine syrup
Salbutamol nebul
Mupirucin (bactroban) - 5g
Floucinolone (synalar) - 5g
Carbocistein syrup
Paracetamol tempra - 250 mg or 5mL
Toiletries Baby wipes
Palmolive shampoo with conditioner
Rubbing alcohol (70% solution)
EQ diapers (sizes: M, L, XL)
Food Egg
Others Fan
Extra shirt
Garbage bag (size: XXL)
Detergent powder or bar
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    Have you been to White Cross Orphanage? Did you already visit any nursing homes before? If yes, comment it below so I could visit them too!