The Sunday Currently Vol. 05


Ever since I moved out, I only get to visit home every weekend. Nothing much has really changed here; it's still chaotic here (but in a good way) - 5 dogs in one roof. I never imagined myself living with so many dogs. I'm not complaining though. Nonetheless, it's the same old, same old.


Reading the articles on what it's like to live in Canada. I'm still eyeing for Australia or New Zealand. But for now, those are my top three choices!

Writing my expenses last week. I swear I really need to keep track of my expenses. The good thing is I am now able to stick to my budget. I hope I could keep it up!

I know I'm always talking about me sticking to my budget in every post. Lol. But bear with me! I really need it. 

Listening to the sound of the wind. To the barks of the dogs. To my brother's fingers clacking away on the keyboard (he's addicted to O2Jam). I'm really home.

Thinking of what I should do this afternoon. Watch Friends or run an errand?

Smelling my favorite perfume!

Wishing for things to stay the way they are now. If there's change, then I hope it'll be for the better! I'm still thankful for the opportunities that I get now.

Hoping I could go to Korea with my college friends. Two more months to go! Though I already bought a ticket last March, but I need to prioritize other stuff. Most of my money for that trip was already spent.  

Wearing my sister's Hello Kitty tank top because I only brought t-shirts, and it's freaking hot.

Loving the deal that I had with someone who wants to be on a diet!

Wanting shrimps or prawns. Or spam! Or potato!

Needing a massage.

Feeling hungry. I just had lunch though! What's wrong with me?

Clicking  pinterest.

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