The Sunday Currently Vol. 03


I used to hate Sundays since it is the last day of the week. But now, I see it as the first day of the week, and it gives me a better chance to start my week right. Anyway, I'm on leave starting tomorrow. Then I'll be back on Monday next week. Yay! I'm..


Reading real creepy stories to keep myself entertained.

Writing my plans for the week. I was supposed to go to Pangasinan tomorrow together with my boyfriend, however, we both decided to cancel it.

Listening to the sound of Clash Royale. Apparently, someone here is too busy attacking! Also, I'm adding upbeat songs to my new playlist in Spotify that will put me in a good mood.

Thinking of what to do this week. I want to have a productive week, and enjoy my vacation at the same time.

Smelling  our dinner. Can. I. Eat. Now?

Wishing for payday to come soon. Haha! (I had the same wish two weeks ago. LOL.)

Hoping to gain weight now that I'm taking acid reflux medications. I just found out that acid reflux is the reason of my weight loss.

Wearing my shirt that we bought in Palawan 5 years ago. I should be wearing a sando at this time. Damn you, heat!

Loving week-long vacay. I'll be laying on my bed all week. Just kidding! I'll be productive this week, I promise. I hope. I wish. I'll try.

Wanting to eat scrambled egg with cheese! And hotdog, and bacon, and fries. Why can't I eat everything now?

Needing a cold shower. Again. Summer is coming and I can totally feel the heat.

Feeling hungry! I can tell that in this post, all I talk about is food. Haha.

Clicking different site for creepy stories. Will I be able to sleep tonight?

I hope it's not too late to tell you to have a happy Sunday! Oh, don't forget to join the link-up by Siddathornton here.