The Sunday Currently Vol. 01


I read too many Sunday currently posts, and I've been wondering how come the bloggers all have the same content? I wanted to find the blogger behind this so I could credit him/her when I start to post the same Sunday thing. Then I found out that The Sunday Currently is actually a link-up made by Siddathornton. I liked the idea of writing what I currently do on a Sunday - a good way to start the week right! So, I've decided to join the bandwagon.


Reading about Merle pom. For some reason, I like its unique pattern. I've also been eyeing for a wolf sable pom but both are rare so I don't think I could easily get one. I also can't imagine how much one would cost. Geez.

Writing my review plans for the upcoming exam on March 7.

Listening Tim McGraw's Highway Don't Care (feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban). Country music really helps me relax and feel calm. This song is perfect for my current mood.

Thinking of getting my own domain.

Smelling bacon, bacon, bacon!

Wishing for a potato corner fries (cheese)! It sucks when I need to control my salt intake - the one fries a week deal is so much harder than I thought.

Hoping for a positive result from my medical tests yesterday. Also hoping that it will be my last test for this year. I had three blood tests since January. Yikes!

Wearing my favorite UST Engineering t-shirt.

Loving everything.

Wanting the moroccan mint tea latte in CBTL.

Needing a getaway. Kidding. I've been on the beach last week, but I still miss the fresh air, and the beach.

Feeling hungry despite having lunch an hour ago.

Clicking Parker's precious poms site. I'm in love with merle and wolf sable pom.

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