The Happy List: October 2016


October is my most favorite month because... it's my birthday month! Thank you for those who remembered my birthday! Also, thank you for being part of my happy list. ❤️

  1. I received a card with a sweet message. Typically I write messages to people. I didn't expect that I would receive one on my birthday month! Believe it or not, I cried when I saw the card. It was a really sweet gesture. ❤️
  2. New necklace. I've been in love with heart pendant since forever! I remember few years ago, back in high school or college, I wanted to buy a heart-shaped locket. So, the necklace that I got has a heart pendant too!
  3. A weekend getaway at Bolinao, Pangasinan. My most awaited trip! We rented a villa in Sundowners Vacation Villas. It is one of the Santorini-inspired places in the Philippines. I've posted some of its photos on Instagram.
  4. I'm finally getting out of my comfort zone. It took me a while before I finally took a step forward, but here I am! I took it and I didn't want to miss it. I know that I made the right decision. So, please wish me luck on my new adventures.
  5. A quick surprise from my coworkers. Thank you so much for the cake, everyone!
  6. A romantic dinner while enjoying the overlooking view of Metro Manila.
  7. Long weekend! I was lucky enough when my shift last October 27 was 6 AM to 3 PM. I was on vacation leave last October 28. Then hello, weekends! No work on Monday and Tuesday because it was holiday. I was on vacation leave (again) last November 2! I enjoyed my vacation sooooo much.
  8. I'm learning a new language. Originally, I want to learn Japanese. But, geez, it is really a difficult language! I'm currently learning Swedish! I found out that Swedish is one of the easiest language to learn, so I said, why not? I'm learning through Duolingo and so far, I'm doing okay. I'm still learning the basics though.
  9. Spending much less time on social media. Aside from the fact that I only have 1GB data allocation per week, the social media, especially Facebook, tires me out. Totally. Too much negatives, and I don't need that.
  10. So what's keeping me busy on my phone? The Creeps! Have you tried that game? If you like tower defense kind of game, then you should really download The Creeps!
  11. Meeting new people in the blogging world. You know, this is what I like about blogging: I get to know more people online. I'm so thankful that I get to learn from them and we help each other grow. One of the nicest things you can get in the internet world.
  12. People who stick around. Aside from what I have just listed, this month had been a terrible month too! Ugh. I was being paranoid. Anxious. Jealous. Impatient. Nonetheless, I'm happy that I still have friends who stick around no matter what the situation is.

How about you? What made you happy?

Credit to Camie of Wild Spirit for the Happy List tag.