The Happy List: March 2019

Too many things happened this month—the best and worst that I could imagine. How can everything happen in one month? Despite all that, I still have a list of things that made me happy.

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The happy list

  1. Staycation in Park Inn By Radisson Solna

    It was the last full weekend with Miguel before he goes back to the Philippines. We wanted to spend that weekend together without doing any household chores such as cooking. That’s why we thought it would be better to reserve one night at the hotel so we can just order food or eat out.

  2. First trip in Europe: Berlin, Germany

    March 9 was supposed to be the saddest day because it is Miguel’s flight back to the Philippines. But, instead of going back to an empty apartment, I booked a trip to Berlin with my friend!

  3. Start of countdown to the next meeting

    The good thing about goodbyes after seeing each other? You can start looking forward to the next one! I cannot wait to see Miguel soon even for a few weeks.

  4. Dropped out of Online Swedish classes

    I was excited when I first enrolled in Swedish classes. For the first few days or weeks, it was going well. Sure, I can study on my own and be ready for the online class on Wednesdays. But, I’ve been occupied with something else for the past few weeks, and I realized that the teaching approach doesn't work for me. For example, in our online class, the teacher will group us in a private room with one or more students so we can talk Swedish. It’s fun and all, but that’s it. We talk. Nobody knows if we are pronouncing the correct words, if we are using the correct grammar, or if we are talking any sense. After that, it is back to the lecture and then the classes end.

    It would be nicer—and will definitely help me learn more—if my mistakes were corrected. I don’t know what I don’t know.

  5. Ate Steak in AG

    Miguel loves watching food documentaries. He stumbled upon the AG restaurant in one of the steak documentaries, and, of course, we decided to give this a try. The steak was pricey; it probably cost us around 1.000 SEK (PHP 6,000). It was worth it, and it was the best steak I’ve ever had.

  6. My family and friends helped me

    I am so glad that Miguel was here in Stockholm when I got the worst news ever. I couldn’t believe it. Everything came back to me, and I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t calm myself, and I cannot make decisions on how I would make an action. I had to contact my friend and call my family as well, and they helped me calm down. They told me not to worry about it, and it will be sorted, so I tried to.

    A few weeks after, I realized that I don’t really have to give a damn. I just have to give whatever they want, and it’ll be done.

  7. I Got Hospitalized and my Friends were there for me

    As if the news I got a week before wasn’t enough…

    It was supposed to be a fun Friday night until I was sent to the hospital. I passed out, and I could not remember anything that night. I woke up at the hospital, and I saw two of my closest friends sitting beside my bed. I was so touched and embarrassed at the same time, but I am really glad I have them.

  8. I had my first salary increase

    Soon I am working in Stockholm for one year. I enjoy working in my current company, and I have so many opportunities to improve myself and grow my career. Being alone in the other side of the world was difficult, but when I got the news about my salary increase, I have no words. I cannot explain how happy I was.

    I didn’t expect that increase at all because I have only been working in the company since May; almost half a year only! Nevertheless, I am so grateful that I am appreciated at work. All the hard work has paid off. ❤️

  9. My US visa was approved

    On the day of my interview, I was so nervous—l was shaking. It’s my first time to have an interview for the visa, and I don’t know what I should expect. I waited in the US Embassy in Stockholm for more than 2 hours until my number was called.

    The consul asked a few questions about why I am applying for a visa, and then she said, “Okay, your visa is approved. We will keep your passport, and send it to the address in your application.”

  10. I got a Gym Buddy

    It’s been months since I’ve been to the gym. I’m happy that I am surrounded by people—physically and online—that influenced me to workout. My friend at work talks about working out, my friends back home talk about working out too, and I just thought that maybe I should really start working out again. Besides, I don’t want to waste my gym membership.

    The problem (which is always my problem) is I am scared of going to the gym alone. So, I encouraged my girl friend at work to signup for the gym so we can workout together!

  11. Limited screen time & Started to read a book

    I admit. I have too much screen time, and it’s not helping me. I used to defend myself, and explain that I am talking to friends or I have stuff to check on my phone. I just could not leave my phone. Nowadays, I limit my screen time and scrolling on social media especially as soon as I wake up.

    I recently started last week, but I had the best uninterrupted sleep ever.

    I also avoided using my phone for the entire night until I fall asleep so I started reading a book. In fact, I moved my computer desk from my bedroom to the living room and created my own reading nook.

  12. I stopped drinking coffee

    In line with limiting my screen time, I stopped drinking coffee and replaced it with honey water. It was not intended, though! It was Saturday and I ran out of coffee. But, the typical me wouldn’t want to leave the apartment on a weekend, so I just decided not to get a replacement. Though I ordered my groceries for Sunday online, I still skipped the coffee.

  13. Decluttering my life, social media, and mind

    I am now taking one step at a time, and I stopped stressing myself too much. It’s unhealthy, and I don’t like what’s happening to me. I am so eager to grow my blog, but it tires me out. I love writing personal stories, but it still stressed me out. I used to have a whole list of things that I will do, and feel bad that I didn’t finish it.

    I don’t have a deadline.

    I shouldn’t rush and start learning how to relax. Aside from it I become more productive with a clear mind.

    In Instagram, I started to unfollow a few “influencers” who don’t really influence me. Now I am only following people that I know personally, I know because of blog, and people who inspire me.

My happy list for this month was too long. I wanted to add more, actually! Haha. I mean, every little thing counts, right? It deserves to be in my happy list!

How about you?
  • What were you grateful for last month?
  • Are you writing down the things that made you happy?
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