The Happy List: March 2017


The most exciting thing about the new month is looking back at what happened in the previous month, and writing my happy list. Just like that, the first quarter of 2017 has already ended. And now, we are welcoming the start of the second quarter.

So far, March is my favorite month because I'm happy most of the time. My only problem is my landlady at my earlier apartment is still not giving my security deposit back. It's been more than a month! I left the apartment last February. She's giving me these crappy excuses, blah, blah, blah.

Happy list:

A surprise visit from my closest friend

Last week, I tweeted about how hard it is to make plans with friends. My friend, Mika, is living and working in Laguna. Imagine how often we see each other. It was a Friday afternoon when Miguel, my boyfriend, sent me a message and told me Mika is going to Makati.

Though I have plans that night, I made sure to meet her first! We had a quick catch up about our lives and I found out she was promoted to country manager. I am so proud of her and it feels like her achievement is also my achievement.

As much as I want to stay, I have to meet my high school friends because it was already planned long ago.

Mini reunion with high school friends

Right after my catch-up date with Mika, I went straight to my other friend's house. I arrived at 11 PM, and almost everyone has arrived. Can you believe that the last time I saw some of them was in high school? That was 8 years ago! Though some are not my close friends, it was still good to see them.

We all joked that it was our high school mini reunion, and hopefully we will make it a tradition! I'm really happy when I get to see them from time to time. We missed a lot of happenings in each other's lives, so all that we can talk about was the days when we were in high school.

Again, I didn't stay long because I have plans the next day.

Korean drama marathon

If you are following me on Twitter, you will notice how much I love KDramas. I finished two series this month: Goblin and Doctors! Basically, watching KDrama is what I do on my free time. It is my happy pill!

Multiple birthday celebrations

I have had 6 birthday celebrations last month!

Booked a ticket to Palawan

It was not really my plan to book a ticket because I am trying to save up for our Japan trip. A friend invited me and Miguel because PAL has a promo, but I declined right away. However, when I mentioned it to Miguel, he told me that he wanted to visit Palawan and that we should buy tickets while it's on sale.

We already went to Puerto Princesa, but my friends and I are still planning to visit it. Our tentative itinerary is El Nido - Coron - Puerto Princesa. It's not final yet. We are not planning about it yet because our flight is still on February next year. The roundtrip ticket was only Php 1500-ish!

Overnight at Miguel's house

I'm happy that my Miguel's parents allow me to sleep at their house on weekends. It just so happen that our plans on weekends are in Antipolo, where they live. What makes me happier is when his parents would ask him to take me to different places in Antipolo. We talked about it over dinner, and his dad just kept on suggesting places that we can visit.

It makes me feel that I'm going to visit majority of the places there instead of my hometown.

Breakfast date at Eggs for Breakfast Cafe

I woke up a bit late, so we had brunch instead. Lol. Read more about my visit here.

Attending the wedding of my previous coworker

I don't often attend weddings. So, I really had several questions about it. My previous manager even thought that Miguel and I are planning to get married soon because of my questions. Haha! I was just curious, you know.

Working on my revenge at someone

As I mentioned before, my greatest revenge will be my success. I'll save the details for now, but I'll share it with you in my upcoming post! :)

Figuring out what I really want in my career

To be honest, I no longer have the drive to work. Maybe it's just my current mood but it made me realize what I want to do with my career.

Hopefully, I'll get my security deposit this month. I want to stop ranting about it, but it's my money. So, I want to get it back. I'll definitely update you once I got my money back. Haha!

I have lots of plans this April - it's my sister's graduation, graduation ball, my parents' birthday, my parents' anniversary, my boyfriend's mom's birthday and many more! It's a busy month and I already feel the excitement!

What made you happy last month? What are you looking forward to this month?