The Happy List: January 2019

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I didn’t plan on starting my happy list in this blog again. For some reason, some of my Happy List posts are one of the most viewed posts here. So, I thought why not start to write the same thing again? Besides, I’m already writing down the things I’m grateful for.

The happy list

  1. Celebrated New Year’s Eve with Miguel

    We planned to have a staycation during the new year’s eve, but I couldn’t find a place where we want to stay at and can afford. So, we just ended reserving a table in Eatery Social in Skanstull.

  2. Starting another year in Stockholm

    It’s difficult to plan ahead and imagine yourself where you want to live until you retire. I love living here, and I see myself staying for a couple more years. Before I moved here, my parents were worried that I might decide to go back to the Philippines after a few months — just like what I did when I moved to Australia.

    I’m happy that I’ll be spending another year in Stockholm. Last year, I had to fix a few documents, renew my work permit, pay 5-months worth of my rent, so I felt that something is holding me back. This year, I am claiming that 2019 is a fresh start.

  3. Learning Swedish

    Last year, I couldn’t enroll in Swedish classes here because I don’t have my personummer yet. Yes, I could still study on my own, but it’s different when you’re enrolled in the course. I started evening Swedish classes last month — the course needs 20 hours per week, and there’s an online class every Wednesday for oral lessons.

  4. My sister got accepted in UST and CSB

    My sister will soon graduate from senior high school. She applied only in UST & CSB and I’m glad that she passed in both schools. I am happier because she chose to study in UST instead; my brother and I studied in UST too! And… this means I’ll save more because UST is cheaper! Yay!

  5. No more salary deductions at work

    For the past 7 months, I had deductions in my salary because of the rent (I talked about this here x times already, so I hope this is the last time 😜). Then, finally, in January, I didn’t have deductions! So, this is how it feels to receive my salary in full! I can’t explain how delighted I am!

  6. Embracing self-love

    I’ve been binge-watching vlogs from Lavendair and muchelleb, and I learned more about self-care and getting more things done. I have a problem with my phone usage — I have this thing that when I’m idle, I want to scroll in social media or play games in my phone. What a waste of time because I could have done more important things.

    I found out about this app, Forest, from Lavendair that could help you stay away from the phone and focus on your work. What I like about it is you can collect coins every time you focus, and you can plant a real tree using the coins. Isn’t it great?

It’s quite funny because some of the things in my list are almost the same things that I wrote on my last happy list back in 2017. I guess all I can say is practicing self-love takes time, and your own concept of self-love is different from other’s. We just need to respect each other’s priorities.

How about you?
  • What were you grateful for last month?
  • Are you writing down the things that made you happy?
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