The Sunday Currently Vol. 04


I can't believe that the last time I made a Sunday Currently post was in March! It has been a week since I made the biggest decision in my life. Ever. It hasn't fully sunk in yet but I'm getting used to it. As I have mentioned in my blog post a month ago, until now I’m still getting back into the swing of things. I trust the magic of beginnings.


Reading articles about gaining weight. I'm so happy when I found out I gained weight. I have a long way to go, but I'm going to reach my goal weight soon. Probably by June?

Writing my schedules. My upcoming trips, errands, etc. I really need to keep my life back on track.

Listening to Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman. It's so quiet here. I'm not used to being alone here at home. My family is on the beach. Lol.

Thinking of a thousand reasons why I did not go to the beach with my family. Why? Why?

Smelling  the coffee crumble ice cream in front of me.

Wishing for a cold weather. Bruuuuuh.

Hoping for our trip to Subic will be finalized soon.

Wearing my most comfortable clothes in the summer heat.

Loving my me time!

Wanting to eat again. I still don't feel full even after eating lunch, an ice cream, and moooore.

Needing an unlimited money so I can go on a trip whenever I want to, whenever I feel like it, and wherever.

Feeling tired and sore after working out this morning. I really need to exercise more often.

Clicking Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest. A productive Sunday indeed.

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