Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa

Note: this post was originally published in April 2016. The information about Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa is now up to date as of July 2018.

I'm always looking forward to the beach, but when I found out that we will have a company outing at Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa, I got excited nevertheless. I mean, it's a weekend getaway! I wouldn't want to miss that. Plus, I've been wanting to go on a trip with my friends at work since the last one was back in November.

First things first, I googled the resort just to see what's in it for us. It is located in Brgy. Tadlac, Los BaƱos, Laguna - just a few hours away from Manila. The meeting place was at the office (BGC, Taguig), and the bus will leave at 6 AM. Living in the south, I didn't want to commute from my place to BGC that early. Thankfully, my friend lives in Laguna. So, we all decided to stay at her place on a Friday night instead then we'll meet everyone at the resort the next morning.

It was around 9:30 AM when we arrived, and our coworkers just arrived as well. Afterwards, we all stayed at their function room. While waiting for the food, I took a picture of the lake.

Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa

laresio lakeside resort and spa

What a view, right?  Aside from the view, I'm also looking forward to the activities that are available.

list of activities that you can enjoy in Laresio

Get wet n wild!
Slip n' fly 1.0 Slip n' fly 2.0
Jump n' fly Russian Swing
Cliff diving
(8ft, 15ft, 32ft)
Floating Basketball Vine Swing
Kayak and Balsa Stand Up Paddle
Go High and Dry!
Wall Climbing Land Zipline Rapelling
Other Activities
Bonfire at the campsite Swim in one of their 8 pools Karaoke

Note: I updated the list of activities based on their website. They have added more activities since 2016.

You can check out the activities here for more details.

Unfortunately, I did not do all the activities because I was not feeling well. But I would never jump off a cliff at such great heights. 

While waiting for our lunch to be served, we had a quick team activity. There were 4 teams and we won the third place. Lol. We still got a prize though. More chips! What more could we ask for?

After eating our lunch, I was expecting that we could all go to our rooms. However, we were not able to check-in at 2PM since the rooms were still occupied. Though the check-out time is 12NN. We all stayed at Laresio 5 (we occupied two floors).

The photo below is the view from the first floor of Laresio 5. There were tables and chairs on the first and second floor, and a karaoke machine on the first floor. Yay! So everyone can enjoy the activities or you can sing your heart out.

laresio lakeside resort and spa

During the night, there were performances at the stage: singing and dancing. I'm not sure if there was a movie too. After the performances, it was time for the stand-up comedy. I really had a great night and I wish I could stay there longer.

laresio lakeside resort and spa

This is the view right outside the room. I'm so glad that I woke up early. Hence, I was able to capture this beauty.

The only thing that I didn't like there was there's no available water so early in the morning.  In addition to that, we checked everywhere as well and there's none. So, we had to wait for them to fix it.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay there. My friends and I left the resort right after our breakfast and we traveled back to Manila.

Date of visit:

March 11 - 12, 2016

How to get there: 


From Manila

  • Ride any bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna
  • Drop off at Bagong Kalsada
  • Ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Tadlac, Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa

Check the location map here.

For more information about the resort, click here. The complete price list and packages, can be found here

The featured image was grabbed at Laresio's Facebook page. 

Have you been to Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa? Where do you want to have your team building next? :)