My Ideal Morning Routine


The first few minutes of my morning define how my day will go. It has been a struggle for me to achieve my ideal morning routine these past few weeks. Many nights I've been getting some stuff done till midnight or later. To be honest, crawling out of bed is indeed no easy task. Morning routines vary from person to person but here's my ideal routine:

4:50am | Alarm Goes Off

Every morning at 4:50, my alarm on my phone goes off, and I hit snooze right after. I wanted to get out of bed before 5am but that rarely happens because I stay up late.

5:00am | Get Out of Bed

It's really time to get out of my bed now. I have set two alarms: one is on my phone, and the other one is on my old-fashioned alarm clock which is placed across the room. That way, I have no choice but to get up. Lol. Next, I check my emails, messages and social media. The only problem is I sometimes often fall back to sleep while reading everything on my phone, and the next alarm is set on 5:45am. From there, my morning routine is ruined. I'm screwed for the day. I should really prioritize getting out of bed instead of checking my phone. 

5:10am | Take a Shower

I drink a glass of water first before jumping in the shower. I have a really dry hair and skin so I would rather take a shower every other day, but the heat in this country doesn't permit me to. Blah. My goal is to take a shower within 10 to 15 minutes, but since I always take a hot shower, it takes me longer to finish. I love the feeling of the hot water in my skin (funny how I just realized this is the reason why my skin is dry. LOL).  But, a morning shower can help me wake up.

5:30am | Eat Breakfast

My day wouldn't start without eating breakfast. I never skipped breakfast at home. But, I eat breakfast again as soon as I arrived at the office.

5:45am | Get Ready For The Day

I neither do my hair nor wear make-up. This is the time when I check my dogs' food and water, put some stuff in my bag, prepare my packed lunch, or sometimes I just lie in bed and wait for my next alarm on my phone.

6:10am | Off to Work

My actual morning routine...

4:50am. Turn off the alarms

5:30am. Wake up.

5:45am. Take a shower.

6:00am. Eat breakfast.

6:15am. Get ready for the day.

6:30am. Off to work.

How about you? What is your morning routine?