I Wanted To Get Married At 25 When I Was Young


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When I was younger, I wanted to get married at 25. To me, 25 seems an ideal age. Of course, I was young then. I feel like I was living in a fairy tale - life is going to be easy, I'll find someone who I'll spend the rest of my life with, and many more.

Last weekend, Miguel and I went to the wedding of our coworker in Antipolo. The church is so beautiful, by the way! Just seeing the bride walk down the aisle with a big smile on her face, while her soon-to-be-husband can't stop but smile and stare at her bride, I want to cry.

I can't wait to walk down the aisle. Scratch that. I can't wait to wear a wedding gown! 

After seeing the wedding of these two lovely people, I once again wonder how I would feel when I'm about to marry my future husband. I wouldn't deny, though, that the motif of the wedding is mint or turquoise. That's the only thing that I am sure about.

When my friends and I talk about our ideal wedding, I always find myself clicking through wedding party dresses and long bridesmaid dresses. I used to want a beach wedding but when I realized I'm going to sweat because of the weather, I suddenly changed my mind! So here comes the next one: garden wedding.

Did you ever dream of your wedding? Did you ever try to list down who's going to be your bridesmaids? 

I did. No doubt my maid of honor will be my best friend. Just a bit of back story, I already mentioned this to her. Every time I bring it up, she declines because she refuses to wear any dress. In fact, I've never seen her wearing a dress. To make it more special, I always tease her that I'm going to choose her attire and she should expect a short bridesmaid dress. She then wished for me not to have someone who will marry me. UGH.

Of course, I would not forget about my close friends! I cannot wait to see them wearing bridesmaid dresses; but, lace bridesmaid dresses are more attractive now because it looks ~fancy~.

Talking about weddings excite me each time because I get to wear these gowns - regardless if I am the bride or I have a special role in a wedding. I don't want an elegant wedding. As people always say,

Spend on the marriage, not on the wedding.

I am still thinking about it and it really makes sense. So, I think that special occasion dresses will fit just fine on my wedding. I am a fan of short dresses. Aside from the fact that it's easier for me to look for a size that will fit me, I think short dresses suit me better. Anyway, I'm not really picky, I'll wear anything as long as it's a dress!

I remember when me and my parents had a talk about marriage. My father wanted me to settle down in my early 20s, but my mother suggested that I should wait until I'm 28 or 29. Both of them has a point, though. My father told me it's easier to interact with children because the generation gap is not wide. My mother, however, wanted me to focus in my career.

Knowing when to settle down is not a problem as long as I am ready and financially capable. In line with this, I'm certain that I would want a child as soon as possible. Now is a different case. To be honest, I no longer want to be married at 25. Aside from not being financially ready, I still have a lot to learn and discover - about me, my boyfriend and a lot more. I guess for now, all I can do is look for gowns and dresses or wedding venues.

At what age did you want to settle down when you were young? Do you still feel the same?

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