How To Voice Out Issues and Concerns To The Government

Nowadays, people would voice out issues and concerns to the government by using different social media platforms. In fact, there are some people who just want to rant. While some people want their concerns to be addressed directly to the government. Moreover, there are people who want to voice out their issues and concerns without posting on social media.

How can we call the government's attention?

Just recently, Cormant Technologies has launched a mobile application called iReportPH. It is a free application where people in the Philippines could report to the government.


iReportPH serves as a gateway between the Filipino citizens and different Philippine government agencies as iReportPH routes reports received in the mobile application to government agencies overseeing the subject.

This free application is easy to use. First, download iReportPH from the App Store (iOS) or Playstore (Android). Second, register using your mobile number. You will receive a one-time password afterwards. Lastly, after validating, you can now report issues/concerns.

What can you report on iReportPH?

iReportPH - Corruption
iReportPH - Corruption
iReportPH - Illegal drugs
iReportPH - Illegal drugs

Basically, here are the things that you could report on:

  • Drugs
  • Criminal Acts
  • Corruption and Complaints
  • Employment
  • Environment and Safety
  • Health Services
  • Trade and Goods
  • Traffic and Transportation

So, what makes it different from social media?

First of all, in social media, the most that we can do is tag the government agency or send them a direct message. For instance, the messages each agency receives may be about a certain issue, or anything under the sun. Although this may be not a problem, the government cannot find in one look which message has a report on issues or concerns.

Like social media, iReportPH also serves as a channel; however, reports submitted using iReportPH are forwarded directly to the government agencies. Not to mention, each form has fields that are specific to the issue. These forms depend on what you want to report on. These fields will particularly help the government agency to know more about the report.

What are the other features of iReportPH?

In addition to that, you can attach photos or videos of the incidents/issues in iReportPH. These would certainly help the government understand what the report is about.

Another function of iReporthPH is its offline mode. This is without a doubt allow users to create a report without the internet. All your reports are submitted later on once you are connected to the internet.

Of course, Cormant Technologies has already coordinated with different government agencies before the launch of iReportPH.

So, download iReportPH now and start helping with the change! Start reporting your issues and concerns to the government. Don't forget to use #iReportNaYan hashtag.

Now that you know about iReportPH, what can you say about this app? Feel free to leave your comments below.

You may visit their website to know more about iReportPH.