How I Plan and Organize My Life With Awesome Note


Have you ever tried downloading different planner or note-taking and to-do apps but delete them afterwards? I did, until I stumbled upon Awesome Note. I have used this app since 2012, so I really swear by this app! One thing that I like the most about Awesome Note is its ease of use and flexibility.

I am always on-the-go so I am highly dependent on my phone. So, when purchasing a new phone, my first priority is the apps that can be installed. I literally save everything in my phone and what's more important is I also have data in the cloud, for when I want to retrieve my files anywhere else.

I chose to stick with Awesome Note because I can manage and organize my notes, reminders and schedules in one app. Also, I can edit notes on the web using Evernote (for non-mac users) or Awesome Note app on Mac PC.

I organize my notes by group

Awesome Note

Awesome Note gives you the option to create a group divider in your folder list. I like it because I can sort my notes into folders.

In addition to that, grouping my notes into folders let me set my mind on a certain group. Currently, I group my notes into following categories: Personal, Blog, Travel, Pets, and Money. Anything more than that seems overwhelming though! Then, each group has one or more folders.

I set my folders' viewing styles accordingly

I use different viewing options depending on the purpose of my folder. Awesome Note has several options and you can set it by the following:

  1. Thumbnail view
  2. List view
  3. Details view
  4. Diary view
  5. Photo view
  6. To-do view
  7. Calendar view

If my folder only has text notes, I prefer using list view than details view. The only difference between those two views is in details view, the first line of the note will be displayed. While in list view, only the title of the note is displayed.

If my folder only has dates and schedules, I use calendar view. One best example is my travel calendar. I list down all my future travels, and it helps me see which month I am free.  Aside from that, calendar view allows me to see the duration of my trip.

For birthdays, anniversaries and the like, I use diary view. It's easier for me to see when did something happen.  I don't use Awesome Note to write my daily diary. 

I create a different type of notes correspondingly


The type of notes is different from the folder's viewing style. Awesome Note provides 4 options when creating notes:

  1. Text
  2. To-do
  3. Diary
  4. Anniversary

Another thing that I like about this app is it allows me to create different type of notes per folder.

For example, in my Budget folder (see the photo on the right) under Money group, I set the viewing style to list view. Within that folder, I have text notes, to-do notes and anniversary notes.

For each note, you can attach a photo, voice record, drawing, weather and temperature, and location.

I would like to highlight its formatting options. Note-taking is a lot easier because I can now add a format to my note and change the text color.

Aside from that, when creating a note, I can also add a check list or list.

I use it to manage my reminders

Okay, I'll be honest. I am a forgetful person and sometimes I can't keep track of time, especially for the monthly or yearly schedules.

I create a to-do note to manage my reminders and set an alarm for it. Awesome Note has an option to set a due date, alarm and repeat cycle. I have tried using a separate app for my to-do list or reminders, but I like the app's flexibility in setting a repeat cycle.

Overall, I mainly use Awesome Note not for my day-to-day activities. This app offers a lot more than I have listed; I know I haven't fully used all the features of this app yet. I am only using the most simple things. But, to know more about its features, check out full details here.

Loving it already? This app is only available in iOS, however. You may download it here:

How do you organize your life? Do you use an app as well? If yes, what app are you using?

Disclaimer: I am not compensated or paid to promote Awesome Note. All thoughts and opinions are mine.