The Happy List: New Beginnings


Time indeed flies when you are having fun! I cannot believe that 5 months have already passed; yesterday still feels like the year just started. Ever since I changed my mindset from giving in to negativity to focusing on the positive, I felt better. I could write over a hundred things in my happy list because last month was exciting.

The month of May will always be memorable to me. In fact, May was my most favorite month. But, that's another story. I didn't plan on starting anew, I just realized it while I'm writing this happy list. Apparently, I started a lot of things last month. I usually start something but will eventually stop once I'm bored. This time it's different and I am proud of it.

I like my consistency. I like who I am becoming. 

These little things deserve to be part of my happy list.

Learning a new language

I have always wanted to learn Japanese, but I thought it's easier if I'll start learning Korean first. Now I can read and write Hangul, but I'm far from perfecting it. I still don't know some Korean words.

Getting to know more about myself

I found out that my personality type is ENTJ (the commander). Everything written about that personality is so me!

Also, I discovered my new favorite: black dragon tea. I no longer drink coffee; it has been more than a month since I stopped drinking it, but now I know I'm going to be a tea person. I'm now happy to say that I can live without coffee!

I am focusing on my self more

One thing that I learned is I should love myself first and be better. But before that, I need to accept my flaws. I know my insecurities and flaws, but I've already accepted it.

I love myself for who I am, and who I am not. 

Working out at least twice a week  is the best decision I made the last month. I know I get this a lot, but before you say anything, I am not trying to lose weight. I want to burn some fats and build some muscle. Plus I want to get fit and healthy. If you think I 'm trying to lose weight that's why I'm working out, go away.

Lastly, I am focusing on my appearance by taking care of my hair and skin first. I am becoming interested in makeups but before that, I need to have a proper skin care routine. I'm still exploring which products work well for me. I have an oily face so if you have any suggestions on what products do well with oily face and other skin care routines, please comment them down below. :)

Keeping in touch with people

No matter how busy I get, I make sure that I can still keep in touch and find time for my friends. They are part of my happiness and that will never change. I appreciate those people who find time to talk to me, and not making me feel bad that I am consuming their time.

Making blog my home

To be honest, I feel like I needed to take a break from blogging. Sometimes I just want to play games all day, sometimes I just want to blog all day. It really depends on my mood.

Hard work will always pay off. I'm sure of that. It doesn't come so easily, though, and it takes a lot of patience. I want to reach my goals in blogging, but it'll probably take years. I don't mind because I'm happy with what I am doing.

When I received an email from Travel Trolley telling me that they chose me as one of the most popular travel photographers, I was ecstatic! I couldn't believe it and I have no idea where they found my blog. Seeing my blog out there inspires me to work harder and love my blog more. If you want to read the article, click here. :)

There are so many things that I look forward to this month of June. Did you notice that I like saying I have something to look forward to? Haha. Well, that's because it makes me excited.

What are your skin care products? Have you tried something new last month?