Happy List: A Month-long Celebration With The Family


The month of April is my busiest month. Nevertheless, I still don't forget to write my happy list. There are more opportunities, more good news and it seems that all the hard work is starting to pay off.

I didn't want to go out because of the heat. I didn't want to go to the mall because I know there will be a lot of people hanging out there. I'm the type of person who doesn't want crowded places!

Last long weekend, I'm part of those who are #teamBahay. I ran some errands. I only went to the mall to get my hair done and I changed my hair color again (yay)! Talk about cancelled plans too.

Anyway, I hope you had an awesome weekend and month too! I did, and I want to share it with you. Here's my happy list! 😊

Happy list


Selfie with Miguel

This is part of my happy list because it was the first time since Miguel invited me for a selfie! It was so random, but I still find it sweet.

Sister's graduation

Bad news: K-12. So, 6 more years before she finishes school.

Good news: she'll start senior high school this upcoming school year. There's more time to prepare for college.

Bad news: more work, work, work for me (and my brother). Because college is expensive!

Visit to White Cross orphanage

Can I come back again? I reaaaally want to! I want to spend more time with the kids. But it's just really difficult to book a day with them. Plus, I only joined a group who usually visit them.

Read more about my experience here. Oh, if you want to donate, you can too! Just check out my blog post.

Mom and dad's birthday & Miguel's mom's birthday too!

Did you know that my dad and Miguel's mom have the same birthday? It's so cool, right? This month is also my parents' anniversary!

Weekend getaway in Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro

It was my first time to travel with Miguel's friends and their girlfriends. No awkward moments because his friends are my friends too!

Anyway, it was also my first time to visit Pico de Loro and I LOVE the place. The beach and the pool were crowded though. I had high expectations so I was disappointed.

Wait for my blog post about this trip!

New favorite vloggers: Aspyn and Parker

Ever since I stumbled upon their video on YouTube, I am hooked. They're my happy pill. I literally watch their vlogs during my free time. Both of them are so adorable, plus they look great together too!

Finally, I got my security deposit

If you are following me on Twitter (and if we're friends on Facebook), you'll see my rants about my security deposit. To cut the long story short, I was supposed to get it on the first week of March.

My landlady keeps on giving me lame excuses until it's almost May already, and I got annoyed. I told her I'll go to the barangay instead to have it settled.

And you know what comes next. She immediately told me I can get it the next day!

Addiction to swimsuit

Well, not really addiction, but I have this urge to buy a swimsuit in every beach getaway or outing.

I have to control myself! I have another getaway next week, and I decided not to buy another swimsuit. I'm so proud of myself.

Most *kilig* Kdrama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This series has been all over my news feed since last year. Never did I wonder about this series, but I watched some clips and that's the start already.

Miguel and I finished watching it and I feel so empty! Any recommendations?

Long weekend

I was excited when I found out that the 28th was non-working day. Well, who wouldn't?

I was supposed to spend my weekend blog hopping and writing new blog posts. But I was busy catching up on my errands plus I GOT A HAIRCUT and NEW HAIR COLOR.

I didn't like seeing my black hair grow, it just didn't look good with my brown hair. That's why I was really eager to get my hair done.

Blog invites

I have a few blogger friends who invited me to new blogging opportunities. You know who you are, but thank you! I hope we can hangout next time.

I've only been blogging for a year, and I know that this blogging world is my home too. I have only met a few bloggers, but I'm hoping I could meet more.

Speaking of blog, I can no longer remember the last time I visited other blogs. I can't wait to catch up! I'll make sure that I'll catch up this month. One weekend will do!

I want to list more! There are absolutely so many things to be happy about. Be it a small one or a big one. Either way there's one result: happiness.

I hope you enjoyed reading my happy list as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now, it's time to know what's yours!

What's in your happy list? Do you have anything that you look forward to this month?