Photo Diary: Autumn in Stockholm, Sweden

Looking back on my old photos that I took when I first visited Stockholm makes me realize how much I love autumn. Living in the Philippines, I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a country with 4 seasons. I visited Stockholm last year in November; I didn't stay long here, but I wish I did. 

I wanted to take more photos, but my phone shuts down from the cold. I'm glad I experienced autumn in Sweden for a few days. 

Photo Diary - Autumn in Stockholm.png
Klara Church.jpg

Klara Church

Church in central Stockholm

From the hotel where I stayed at, I walked down a street to find the building for my interview the next day. Near to the Centralstation, I stumbled upon this church, and I am in awe.

Nordiska Museet.jpg

Nordiska Museet

Sweden's largest museum of cultural history.

Trees in autumn make me warm inside

I probably watch too much movies. But, it feels like autumn is the season to fall in love. 

Stockholm Central Station 

Believe it or not, I only went to the central station when I moved to Sweden few months after. 

Vasa Museum.jpg

Vasa Museum

It displays here the 17th century ship that was salvaged after it sank in 1628.

Strolling around Stockholm

I didn't really plan on doing anything during my visit. I got preoccupied preparing for my final interview and beating jet lag. I was pretty much tired the entire trip, but that didn't stop me from strolling around the area. 

The beauty of Stockholm made me forget how much I have been walking from one place to another. 

The Royal Palace.jpg

The Royal Palace

107 70 Stockholm