A Letter To The Most Annoying Person I Can't Live Without

A Letter To The Most Annoying Person I Can't Live Without.png

Hey, you!

Remember when I wanted to listen to my favorite songs and I asked you to stay quiet but you didn't? You sang out loud on my favorite part of the song instead.

Remember when I asked you the definition of some deep Tagalog words, and you gave me a different definition so you could make fun of me?

Also, remember when I wanted to show my affection and I sent some sweet messages, but you sometimes replied with "weh?" or "sana" instead?

Lastly, remember when I asked you to tell me how you annoy me everyday because I can only remember how I annoy you? It made me realize that I annoy you more than you do! Hahaha.

As months pass by, I want us to continue what we have now. I never thought that I would have someone like you. Someone that could see more than I was capable of seeing in myself. Someone who pushes me to become better, and someone who is supportive all the way.

I like how you let me have my own mistakes, and make me realize how stupid my decision was but still didn't drop the "I told you so" line.

As much as I don't want to sound cliche, I'm glad I met you. 

I will never forget how we compete with each other in making efforts and surprises until one of us cries with happiness. Though I can always tell if you have a surprise for me because you become restless. Nonetheless, I'm still surprised with the way you execute your plans.

Thank you for driving all the way from Antipolo to Las Piñas to pick me up even though we could just meet in Makati. Thank you for going out of your way. I really appreciate everything. We'll continue to laugh until our stomach hurts. We will always fill the room with laughter as we talk about silly things.

Know that you are not just my boyfriend, but my best friend too. You're my go-to person. If there's a better word for boyfriend and best friend, that's you.

Valentine's is only a few days away, and all I want on that day is YOU (and hopefully, it's payday). On Valentine's day, I can't wait to get off from work and see you right after. I'm not going to expect for a big surprise. In fact, I'm not expecting anything at all. You know that all I ask for this special day is to see you and be with you. No gym for you that day because we're going to pig-out! I know that the only way to win a man's heart is through his stomach. Thankfully, we already planned for a restaurant date, and we already reserved a seat. I think that most of our dates are at a restaurant. You love trying new food, I love eating shrimp.

Though Valentine's day falls on a weekday, we can also celebrate this on weekends! How about a staycation in Makati or Tagaytay so we could tick off one from my travel plan list? Or we could stay anywhere in Manila too!

We will talk all night while eating pizza until we both fall asleep. This night is an exception, I promise to stay awake past 10 PM. Sleeping and waking up next to you is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day. I promise you'll wake up in the morning with breakfast served.

I'm glad I let you in when I was being skeptic about love. We may tease each other a lot, or irritate each other, but you're the person I can't live without.

Above all things, I'm happy to be yours. :)

Happy Valentine's day!