A Day in the Life of Me + Facts About Me


I realized that in my 10 months of blogging, I haven't really shared a few facts about me. If you know me, you know that I'm trying to get serious with blogging. To be honest, I'm not really after my page views or any statistics. What I want is to build a relationship with my readers, and find some people who I can share my ideas with.

That's why I'm going to start by posting something personal. This might help you get to know me a little more beyond just my happy lists and travel posts!

A typical day in my life

I'm the type of person who needs a routine in her life. This routine is only applicable on weekdays; I think that this is my way of organizing my life.  On weekends, YOLO!

5:30 AM

I usually start my day by checking and reading my emails and notifications in social media. Thankfully, I don't sync my work emails on my phone, so everything that I read is either my personal email or emails from blogs.

6:00 AM

Hopefully I have rolled out of bed then get ready for work. Choosing what to wear consumes a LOT of my time. So, when I'm still undecided, I just hit the shower right away then pick whatever is in my closet. Besides, I need to be ready by 6:30 AM since that's when my boyfriend picks me up.

6:40 AM - 7:00 AM

Going to the office is only 5 to 10 minutes by car. I usually do my morning rituals as soon as I arrived at the office. I couldn't start working without cleaning my desk. Afterwards, I prepare my breakfast and eat at my desk while working. Every once in a while, I list down the things that I need to do at work. But if it's only one to three major tasks, I no longer need to write it down.

Mornings are my ideal time for working. I'm more productive and efficient during this time.

11:20 AM

Lunchtime! I can't afford to eat later than 11:30. I'm always hungry. 

11:50 AM

I use my remaining time mostly on my blog. This is the time when I promote my blog, or write my draft. If anything else, I also read other articles about blogging or I do blog hopping.

Depending on my work, if I want to get things done right away, I immediately start working.

3:30 PM

Now it's time to wrap up. I usually complete my work for the day. Then prepare for next day's work by leaving notes on my laptop or OneNote.

4:00 PM

My work ends and I head straight to BGC afterwards. After an hour or two, I'm back to Makati. I always stay at my boyfriend's condo. This is just my only free time for the day. Good thing is I have more free time now that I used to when I was commuting for two hours.

9:30 - 10:00 PM

After a long day, I'm finally home! Again, depending on my mood, I usually do my laundry or clean my room. But if I'm too lazy, I just hit the bed.

My days, so far, are not as busy as other people's. That's how my day always goes.

A few facts about me

  1. Tweety is my favorite cartoon character. It has never changed! In fact, I use a tweety bird coffee mug at home.

  2. I'm left-handed, but I'm a cross-dominant person. Some tasks favor my left hand, and some favor my right hand.

  3. I can't turn left (or right) when I'm riding a bike. Most of the time, I feel like I'm going to fall when I'm about to turn left or right. Lol.

  4. I made the first move on my first boyfriend (and we were together for 7 years. Hah! Take that :P)

  5. I can't stand the cold water, but I love the cold temperature.

  6. I went to Australia alone and studied there for 7 months. Though I have relatives there (whom I have met when I first arrived), I stayed in a homestay. Which is the best experience, by the way!

  7. I feel sad when people don't respond to staff that greets them. So, I always smile then greet them back.

  8. I can no longer stand watching splatter film or gore film. Though I used to LOVE it. I watched the entire Saw series (during that time there was only 6) and I lost consciousness on the last one. Since then, I stopped watching it. I also stopped loving it. Lol. Just the thought of it makes me cringe!

  9. I love country music.

  10. Iced tea is my most favorite drink.

I like knowing quirky things about people. I really want to build a relationship with my readers! 

How's your day go by everyday? Feel free to share a few facts about yourself.

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