5 Benefits I Gained When I Scheduled My Posts


Being new in the blogosphere, there are still so many things that I do not know about. Consistency. Then I found about the importance of scheduling blog posts. On my first few months of blogging, I must admit that I really have bad contents. I even came to a point that I wanted to delete every post that I published. It was only then that I realized I should have ready my contents before I started blogging. Nonetheless, I'm glad I became aware of my blog's current situation.

What are the benefits of  scheduling blog posts?

1. I can plan out my contents ahead of time

As you already know, I'm a travel & lifestyle blogger. I write anything under the sun, and everything about my travels. Aside from that, I also share stuff about blogging and tech. I tried to mix & match my contents by planning out what I should write. I also have blog series: The Happy List and The Sunday Currently which I stopped (for now) posting because I think it would look like a filler in my blog.

For the meantime, here are the topics you can expect from me every week:

  • Travel
  • Blogging
  • The Happy List
  • Personal
  • Tech
  • Travel

2. I no longer feel the need to write something just to keep my blog updated

Because I already planned out my contents, I can always have something to publish every week. In my previous routine, I usually write on my blog every Saturday. I'm normally free on that day, so I didn't have issues on my schedule. However, I've been going out a lot lately that I no longer have time for my blog. As a result, I always rush into writing something for my blog.

3. I can avoid repetitive topics

One thing that I like the most is having balance. As much as possible, I want to write about different topics - topics that would actually make sense. In line with my previous points, planning out my contents makes this possible.

4. I can focus on one topic at a time

Since I am following a schedule, I get an idea ahead of time on what I should write about. For example, I've posted about blogging, then next week I know that I'll be posting about my Happy List. This helps me organize my thoughts and focus on one topic at a time.

In fact, I always have task-unrelated thoughts; I can't remain on a single topic for a long period of time.

5. I have time to promote my posts

After publishing my post for the week, I use the remaining days promoting it. My pageviews doubled when I scheduled my posts. In addition to that, I even met and engaged with more people. Isn't it nice?

There are lots of benefits that you can gain when you start scheduling your posts. But here are some of it!

Are you planning out your contents too? What is your blogging schedule, and how does it benefit you?