28 Things That Make Me Happy


Welcome to my first Happy List post in 2017! In this series, I usually list down the things that made me happy on the previous month. Now, I want to start this series a little different from last year. I know we all tend to focus more on the things that stress us out, than on things that make us happy. From big moments, to little things, there is something to love every day.

Here are the 28 things that make me happy:

  1. TEAL. TURQUOISE. MINT. I love anything in that color.  I have this urge to buy everything in that color; regardless if I need it or not.
  2. Potato corner. Who doesn't love that? My most favorite flavor is cheese! Potato corner is my go-to food, or my comfort food. In fact, I want to have my OWN branch someday.
  3. Really long phone calls. Of course, it depends on who I'm talking to!
  4. Anime. I got hooked on it ever since it was introduced to me. I used to watch a few when I was a kid; but it was only few years ago that I started to marathon an anime.
  5. Music. 
  6. Dyeing my hair. I was always told that it's going to be addictive. I had no idea at first on the reasons why, until I started dyeing my hair! I had my hair dyed last month, and now I'm looking forward to my next hair color.
  7. Spontaneous days out.
  8. Coffee. I love coffee as much as I love potato corner.
  9. Long hugs. The most comforting thing in the world! Lol.
  10. Shrimps. If you want me to try new food, don't take me to a restaurant that serves shrimps. Because, without a doubt, I will order that.
  11. The smell of a new book. 
  12. Buffalo wings. OMG. YUM.
  13. Pigging-out without worrying about my weight. I have difficulties in gaining weight - that I'm sure is my problem. Despite that, I can pig-out without being concerned at all.
  14. Wearing skirts and dresses. Because it's too hot in the Philippines, wearing skirts and dresses is the most comfortable thing. EVER.
  15. Mint tea. 
  16. Love letters. I always buy cards on random days. I like writing love letters and giving it to my boyfriend. Because, the little things matter too!
  17. Long walks. I'd rather walk than be stuck in a traffic.
  18. Traveling. 
  19. Good morning & good night messages. A good way to start and end the day.
  20. Dogs. I love dogs so much that I have three Pomeranian dogs, and 1 Siberian Husky!
  21. Potato. I fry potatoes every weekend. Potatoes with salt... Delicious!
  22. Sand between my toes. I love walking on the shore. Just don't let me swim at the beach.
  23. Sleeping in. It's so exciting when I have no alarm set on weekends.
  24. Payday. M-O-N-E-Y.
  25. No clothes in my laundry. I do my laundry everyday when I'm in the mood. It's more important to me not to have clothes in my laundry.
  26. Seeing things organized neatly. All my stuff should be in order - it should be arranged by its size and color!
  27. Being silly with my friends.
  28. My boyfriend. Clichè, but can't deny it.

What are the little things that make you happy?