25 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 25


I'll turn 25 on October next year. I'm getting old but it feels like I haven't done much in my life. I don't really feel bad for the things that I haven't accomplished. It's important to take things one step at a time, and I don't need to compare myself with other people. I have my own timeline, so it's up to me whether I enjoy it or be busy being depressed because there are people who are already ahead of me.

With only 1 year and 4 months to go, here are the

25 Things I Want to do Before I Turn 25

1. Get a tattoo. ×

UPDATE: I didn’t get a tattoo. I tried to look for tattoo designs, but I cannot choose. I know that I will come to a point when I’d like to have a different tattoo design, so I’ve decided to no longer get a tattoo.

2. Change my hair color. ✔

I want to say goodbye to my black hair. Before the year ends, I want to have an ash brown hair.

UPDATE: I didn’t achieve ash brown hair when I turned 25. 😔

Karen Roldan - Hair Color Update.png

3. Travel abroad. ×

If possible, I want to go back to Australia. I've always wanted to live there but I can't stand the thought of leaving my loved ones here. So, let's see what will happen.

UPDATE: I didn’t travel abroad before I turn 25! I traveled to Sweden 5 days after my birthday! I hope this still counts… 😜

4. Be healthy and fit. ✔

Gain weight and get a flat stomach. My ultimate goal! I have a hard time gaining weight - I don't gain that much weight no matter how much I eat.

UPDATE: I initially marked this as × but I realize getting a flat stomach shouldn’t be my goal! Over the past years, I struggle with weight gain. I ate a lot, but still couldn’t reach my target weight. But, I am happy to announce that I finally gained weight and feels like I have a healthy lifestyle. 💖

5. Have enough savings for my sister's tuition fee. ×

My mistake last year was I didn't have a budget for her tuition fee. So I used all my extra money for that.

UPDATE: I still didn’t have enough savings for my sister’s tuition fee. I loaned the money instead. I’ve been making bad decisions financially ever since!

6. Join a fun run. ×

At least 5km! I don't think I can run 10km.

UPDATE: Who am I kidding?

7. Go on a road trip. ×

I've always wanted to go on a road trip with my friends. Pack our bags, get in the car, and go north.

UPDATE: I didn’t go on a road trip with my friends, but I went with Miguel instead.

8. Buy some stocks. Or invest in something. ✔

Soon I want to depend on passive incomes.

UPDATE: I’m still not debt-free, but I already have some investments. Read about my start of financial freedom in my post here. It’ll take years to achieve it, but I’ll get there someday.

9. Rent an apartment or condo, and live on my own. Again. ✔

Don't get me wrong, I love the company of my family but I think I need to be totally independent.

UPDATE: Since July 2016, I started renting an apartment that’s close to my work. Read my first post about it on What it's Like to Live Your Own Life.

10. Rebuild my wardrobe.

For years, I've been only wearing t-shirts and pants wherever I go. It was comfortable but I felt great when I started wearing skirts. I'm still finding my style, but at least I kinda figured out that I want to wear skirts and shorts when I'm out.

UPDATE: I’m still on that casual side of style, but I enjoy wearing skirts or shorts. I think I’m going to stick with that style, until I have the confidence to try new styles!

11. Read and finish a book at least once a month. ×

I bought too many books but I haven't read all of them.

UPDATE: I probably finished one book in a year. Hahaha.

12. Get out of my comfort zone. ✔

UPDATE: I cannot remember what “comfort zone” in particular I talked about here. I resigned from my first company in November 2016, and thought it’s time to get out of my comfort zone. Being in that company was the best decision ever. They gave me too many opportunities and loved my stay there. When I decided to leave, I thought it’ll be better, but I was wrong.

13. Go on a trip with my family. ×

All expenses paid by me. That's the least that I can do for them.

UPDATE: Financial-related. I cannot afford it. Hahaha.

14. Learn a new language. ×

Ever since I started watching anime, I've always wanted to learn to speak Japanese.

UPDATE: It’s funny because I started learning Japanese, then I changed my mind. Watching too many Korean drama made me want to learn Korean, so I did. As usual, I didn’t continue learning Korean.

15. Conquer my fears. Have fun and enjoy life.

I'm really scared of jumping off the cliff, and I don't think I would ever want to conquer that! So for now, I'm going to have fun and enjoy my life.

UPDATE: I jumped off the cliff (except on the first jump) when my friends and I went canyoneering in February 2017! I DID IT. Read about my Cebu trip here.

16. See my favorite artist perform live. ×

I know the ticket will be soooo expensive but it'll be worth it.

17. Drop my habit of not sticking to my budget. ×

I could earn an x amount of money for a long time, but I can spend it in the blink of an eye. Yikes! I really need to stick to my budget.

18. Increase my income. ×

Aside from depending on my salary from work, I want to find more ways to earn money.

19. Try new restaurants every payday. ×

I just want to give it a shot! There are new restaurants in Manila that are worth the try.

20. Find a hobby that will keep myself busy.

I need to stop laying on my bed all day. Kidding! I don't lay on my bed all day. Just.. Most of the day.

21. Learn to say NO. ✔

I don't need to say yes to every invitation that I get.

22. Meet new friends. ✔

23. Watch 'Friends', 'Pretty Little Liars', 'Descendants of the Sun' and finish 'One Tree Hill' and 'Gossip Girl'. ×

I hate to admit but I haven't seen one episode from Friends. And I used to watch One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl but I stopped watching it in 2009.

24. Visit more beaches! ×

25. Fall in love. ✔