10 iPhone Apps I Use Everyday

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Almost each one of us rely on the savviest digital tools to get organized or entertained. There are thousands of apps out there, and finding the apps that actually work for you can seem overwhelming. For example, I usually check the App store, check the featured apps, top charts, etc. just to see which would suit my needs. I may have downloaded over a hundred apps but it's hard to choose which app will stay, and which app will be uninstalled.

After carefully reviewing and getting used to the downloaded apps, here are 10 apps that I personally use:

Awesome Note 

It is the most useful app I have ever used in making to-do lists, calendar entries and notes. What I like about this is I can manage my notes by folder and add a group divider to fully organize my folders. When creating notes, I can create different type of notes depending on my needs: normal notes are similar to iOS notes app; to-do notes that set alarms and reminders; diary notes where I could record my day; and anniversary notes where I set the date and count my d-day. And lastly, one of its feature that I like the most is the calendar which shows all the notes from different folders for one convenient view.   

(iPhone/iPad/Galaxy Note)


It is my personal finance tool of choice. I like how I can add several accounts, track my earnings and expenditures. Usually, most finance apps will ask you to pay so you could add more accounts. But BudgetBakers is free. I repeat, free (in iOS)! Everything in this app is pretty much customizable - account name, account color, currencies, categories (you can choose an icon for your category, and even add subcategories), and lastly, add templates.



I've been downloading and deleting this app until I've finally used it. All I do is download it and let it sit in my home screen. This app makes simple connections between the products that I use every day. I currently have few recipes, but

My top 3 recipes are:

  1. Get a notification to mute phone if I'm at work
  2. If I exit an area (work), get a notification to unmute phone
  3. If it will rain tomorrow, get a notification

There are a lot of recipes to choose from, or you can even create your own.


Google Keep

I use Google Keep back when I was using an Android phone, and I still use it now. It is underrated, I guess, but it is surprisingly a good note taking app. I like how I can organize my notes by color. Those colors make it easy to tell your personal notes apart from your work-related ones, or pet-related ones, or family-related ones, and so on.


Day One

Although Awesome Note has a diary type of note, I still use Day One as my journal. This is what I use when I want to capture my thoughts, memories, and etceteras in life. Of course, I still want to keep things private. I'm only using Day One Classic which I bought a few years ago (yes, I've been using this app since 2013). Just recently, Day One 2 Journal + Notes was released and it's currently 50% off for a limited time! I'm still contemplating whether or not I should move to Day One 2.

BONUS: You can also check out Momento as an alternative to Day One. I used this (Momento Classic) before Day One, I forgot why I moved to Day One. Hehe.



Pinterest is my source of inspiration for a wide range of topics. It is my new 'google' - I head here first if I'm looking for ideas on how to better organize my bills, or how to get rid of these eye bags.



I only found out about Bloglovin' when I was browsing in Pinterest. I've always been looking for an app where I can stay updated with some of my favorite blogs instead of entering their site in Google browser almost everyday. I've tried a few, but Bloglovin' is the best.

I also stay updated with current trends in beauty/books/lifestyle/travel blog aside from being updated with my favorite blogs.



Facebook is, uhm, Facebook. Would you believe me that the only time I've started using it everyday was only in 2014? No? Well, yes.



There really is nothing better than a picture to tell a story.


SimCity BuildIt

Need I say more? I love how I can build and grow my own city and watch it come to life. I've just installed this game just recently and boy, oh boy, I couldn't stop myself from playing it!


I hope that you try out one of these apps and find one or two to be as useful as I do. If you could share your top apps, I'd be glad to hear them. :)