Getting Married in Sweden: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Getting married in Sweden has been our plan since I moved here. Miguel and I didn’t plan on having a big celebration, so the first thing that came to our mind was to get married in Stockholm City Hall.

You can get married in Sweden even though neither of you is Swedish. The process of getting the requirements will only differ depending on your ties with Sweden:

  • Both are registered in Sweden.
  • One of you is registered in Sweden.
  • Neither is registered, but one or both are citizens of Sweden.
  • Neither is registered in or a citizen of Sweden.
  • One is a previously married or registered partner.

As a foreigner living and working in Sweden, I am also registered here. Miguel is not registered so the process that we followed is the second one.

It’s a lot easier to obtain the requirements to get married in Sweden if both are registered in Sweden, but the process we followed isn’t that much of a hassle also.

How to Get Married in Stockholm City Hall

  1. Create an account and make a booking through Stockholm Municipality’s (Stockholms stad) e-services.
  2. Apply for a certificate of no impediment (hindersprövning) at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).
  3. Submit the documents to Stockholm City Hall 4 weeks prior to the ceremony.
  4. Pay 500 SEK if none of you lives in Stockholm.

1. Make a booking

Upon creating an account, you need to fill out your and your partner’s information: name, birth date, address, and phone number. The language for the ceremony and the marriage certificate is Swedish by default, but you can request English.

Since Miguel lives in the Philippines, I added his actual address in the Philippines.

Once you decide when you want to get married in Sweden, you can only book it 6 months in advance. I booked our wedding for March in October. It is only a preliminary booking; they will confirm your booking once they received the documents from the Skatteverket.

There is also an option to select your desired wedding day in case your preferred date is already booked. Just make sure that the email address that you entered is still valid because they will send you a notification if a slot becomes available.

Can I book a schedule without creating an account?

You can send them an email at [email protected] or call them +46 8 508 29 330 to make a booking. If you are sending an email, include your names, dates of birth, address, and phone number.

2. Apply for a certificate of no impediment

For all couples who want to get married in Sweden, you need to apply for a certificate of no impediment (Hindersprövningsintyg) at the Skatteverket.

Once you made a wedding reservation, you will receive an email from the city hall with more information on how to proceed.

The earliest application for the certificate is 4 months before the reserved wedding date.

It’s easy to apply for this certificate if you are both registered in Sweden.

  1. Fill out the form SKV 7880 and submit to Skatteverket.

If only one of you is registered, then you need to make a personal appearance to Skatteverket and submit additional documents.

The processing time is approximately 3 months and Miguel originally planned to arrive here 2 weeks before our wedding, so imagine our worry when we found out about this.

I contacted the Skatteverket and informed them about our situation so they let us submit an application in advance.

  1. Fill out the form SKV 7880. In the Övriga upplysningar (Other information) section, let them know when you will visit the Skatteverket.
  2. (Person not registered) Provide a certificate confirming your civil status. In the Philippines, it is called CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record) and it should be authenticated (apostilled) by DFA.
  3. (Person not registered) Copy of passport.
  4. Make a personal appearance to the Skatteverket, provide the original copy of CENOMAR and passport, and submit the application form SKV 7880.

I submitted the form SKV 7880 together with a copy of Miguel’s CENOMAR and passport on 28 November.

We had a personal appearance and submitted everything by 10 February, and on 14 February, we received the documents (a marriage certificate is also included)!

3. Submit the documents to Stockholm City Hall

Now that you have your documents, submit it to

105 35 Stockholm

And wait for a confirmation of your wedding ceremony! ❤️

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day is on a Saturday, so we had our ceremony at the Oval Room.

You need to be there at least 15 minutes early together with your witnesses and guests. The city hall staff can also serve as your witnesses if you don’t have any.

Don’t forget to bring your IDs!

I'm Married

The ceremony will only take less than 5 minutes and you will get your marriage certificate right after.

Unfortunately, we got married during the COVID-19 pandemic so our friends and family could not celebrate this special day with us. We also had to cancel our small celebration after the wedding due to this.

I shared our wedding experience in Stockholm + wedding photos in my previous post! Check out our wedding story during the pandemic.

More information

  1. The Oval Room has a maximum capacity of 15 guests.
  2. If your wedding falls on a weekday, it will be held in a small conference room.
  3. If you don’t want to get married in Stockholm City Hall, you can contact a registrar by e-mail.
  4. Wedding Photographer: Evia Photos

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  1. Hej Karen
    This is a lovely story and nice description of what to do. Very informative, especially in this special circumstances.
    We are planning of getting married in the near future as well during the pandemic and your listing helped a lot with planning. Especially since we are in a similar situation like you and Miguel were.
    All the best for the future.

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