How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm

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Before moving to Sweden, I already had an idea of how difficult it is to find apartments for rent in Stockholm. Luckily, I initially had relocation assistance, and they helped me get an apartment in Stockholm.

In my second apartment, I did everything on my own, and it was frustrating! If you are planning to move to Stockholm or you just want to know how to find an apartment in Stockholm, then this post will help you!


The rental market in Sweden is highly regulated, and there is a housing shortage. So, finding apartments for rent in Stockholm can be difficult.

It is normal to wait at least 10 years to get a first-hand contract. This contract is between you and the owner of the building or apartment. The good thing about first-hand contracts is it can be permanent, and the monthly cost is way cheaper.

But because the waiting time is that long, most people just get a sublease contract or second-hand contract. This contract is an agreement between the tenant and the person who has a first-hand contract or the owner.

Second-hand contracts are more expensive, and the rent period is usually not longer than 2 years.

In this post, you will find a guide on how to find a second-hand contract in Stockholm.

You can also use this guide to finding apartments for rent in Sweden. I just want to specify Stockholm because I only experienced finding an apartment for rent in Stockholm.

UPDATE: We bought our first apartment! Check out my post where I shared our experience of buying an apartment in Stockholm if you want to know more.

How to find an apartment in Stockholm

Before you start finding an apartment in Stockholm, you need to know that you will invest A LOT of time and patience. You should also consider that sometimes you will have to be flexible with your preferences.

  1. Signup to rental sites in Stockholm 
  2. Create a profile that stands out from other applicants
  3. Apply for an apartment 
  4. Wait for the landlord’s response

The steps on finding an apartment is pretty straightforward, right? The problem is it’s not as easy as you think!

Where to find apartments for rent in Stockholm

Of course, the first step on how to find an apartment is to know the reliable rental sites in Sweden. Because of the housing shortage, it is difficult to find apartments for rent in Stockholm, and scammers are still there in the rental market.

I recommend these sites because they act as the middleman between the tenant and landlord and guarantees the safety between the two parties.

From signing a lease to paying the deposit and rent, all of it has to go through the site.

Rental sites in Sweden, just like any other rental sites, require identification. You can use your personnummer (Swedish personal ID) if you have one, otherwise your passport.

Don’t have a personnummer yet?

A personnummer is a Swedish personal number that you get when you are registered as a resident in Sweden. If you don’t have one yet, check out my guide on how to get a Swedish personal number.


Qasa is my go-to site for finding apartments for rent in Stockholm because it has an English option. The reason why I like Qasa is that it also gives you an idea of the cost of the apartment is too expensive or not based on the normal distribution of sublet rental levels after bidding of similar homes.

Qasa is safe for both the tenant and the landlord. It acts as a mediator and your security deposit and rent will be paid directly to Qasa, and they send the payment to the landlord.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 9

My experience with Qasa: I found my current apartment in Qasa. It took me some time in finding an apartment in Stockholm. I checked my applications in Qasa, and I submitted 49 applications. But only 9 contacted me.

I even had to widen my range: unfurnished or furnished, smaller apartment, higher rent, room for rent.

“Finding an apartment in Stockholm is difficult” is such an understatement.


Renthia also has an English option and has a wide range of apartments for rent. Aside from the photos of an apartment, some apartments also have video tours.

I haven’t tried applying for an apartment with Renthia, so I don’t know if you can visit the apartment or if you can only view it digitally.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 10


Cheaper apartments can be found in Samtrygg, and tenants are not required to pay a deposit (if you are credit-worthy).

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 11

I like browsing here because you do not need to wait for the landlord to contact you. You can just book a viewing immediately, if available.

Samtrygg just recently launched a direct application where you view the apartment in 3D, and you can inform the landlord directly that you are interested in renting the apartment. You can sign the contract the same day or wait for the landlord’s response within 48 hours.


Residensportalen is also a reliable rental site in Sweden, but it has fewer listings. Most of the apartments that I found here are located in an expensive area, and there are only limited apartments for rent that are long-term.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 12

Bostad Direkt

Bostad Direkt is also one of the reliable rental sites in Sweden. All listings on their site underwent an approval procedure, but it is still recommended that applicants view the apartment before signing the lease.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 13

Blocket Bostad

One of the most recommended sites lately for finding an apartment in Sweden is Blocket Bostad. Previously, people can create a listing in Blocket and sometimes that’s where people get scammed.

The good news about Blocket Bostad:

  • The landlords are verified and they have safe rental agreements
  • They take care of the deposit
  • You get a personal support throughout the rental period
How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 14

Create a good profile that stands out from other applicants

The second step on how to find an apartment in Stockholm is to create a good profile that stands out from other applicants.

Because the competition is high, you need to have a good profile that would encourage the landlord to offer his/her apartment to you. There are different ways on how to set up a profile, but if you are a member of any websites for apartment rental, all you need to do is fill out your profile.

Basically, you need to upload a photo and write an introduction about yourself. This should be short and it is your selling point.

  • Personal presentation (occupation, if you have pets, hobbies)
  • Type of housing: apartment, house, or room
  • Rental period
  • Number of rooms 
  • Apartment size
  • Monthly rent
  • Number of persons living in the apartment

You need to specify that you have a job, so the landlord will know that you are capable of paying the rent.

Verifications and guarantees

Depending on the rental site, you can provide more verifications and references to boost your profile.

Tips on how to find an apartment in Stockholm

  1. Get home insurance & mention it in your profile. My current home insurance is Hedvig. It’s cheap & they have an app which is convenient too.
  2. The likelihood of fraud is very high so only register to reputable websites.
  3. Ask for your landlord’s full name and full address. Double-check online if the apartment exists. Check Ratsit or Hitta.
  4. Confirm with your landlord if you can register your name to the apartment.
  5. Do not pay your deposit or send money until you signed your contract.
  6. Send a message to the landlord after viewing the apartment. Show how interested you are, and let your landlord know what you like about the apartment.

In December 2020, we experienced water damage in our rental apartment! Luckily, I was with Hedvig and they provided temporary accommodation for us without breaking our pocket! 

So, if you don’t have home insurance yet, I definitely recommend getting one from Hedvig! 

Want a 10 SEK discount per month?

Do you want to get a 10 SEK discount per month on your home insurance with Hedvig? Signup using my code 8O928I to get your discount.

What you should know about renting in Stockholm

If the rental site does not have an English option, here are the common Swedish terms that you will find see when looking for apartments in Sweden:

  1. Lägenhet – apartment (shortened as ‘lgh’)
  2. Uthyres – for rent
  3. Rum – the number of rooms (not bedrooms) in an apartment
  4. Balkong – balcony
  5. Trappa – the floor the apartment is on (shortened as ‘tr’)
  6. Bostadsrättt – is a tenant-owned apartment
  7. Hyresrätt – the apartment is rented from a municipal housing company or a private landlord
  8. Good communications – this usually means the public transportation is near the apartment

Number of rooms

In Sweden, the number of rooms does not limit to the bedroom. It simply means the number of living rooms and bedrooms.

If you see an apartment with 2 rooms (2 rum or 2:a), then that means the apartment has a living room and a separate bedroom. 3 rooms (3 rum or 3:a) mean a living room and 2 bedrooms.

Don’t be surprised when you see a half room in an apartment advertisement. The half room depends on how you want to use the space. It basically means ‘a small extra space without a door’.

What’s included in the apartment

Usually, the internet, TV cable, and electricity are included in the rent, but sometimes you need to pay extra. So, you should always check with the landlord or read the apartment description.

Most rental sites will anyway show what’s included in the apartment.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 15
Sample list of amenities in Qasa

Furnished apartments

If the apartment you are renting in Stockholm is furnished, you need to get home insurance regardless if the landlord has one. Without home insurance, you are at risk when your furniture or own possessions are damaged.

During the viewing of the apartment, or when you kept in touch with the landlord, you can discuss the furniture and items included in the apartment.

If the apartment is offered to you, you and the landlord will have a copy of an inventory list.

Move-in date & availability

When renting in Stockholm, it is normal to find apartments that only offer 6 months rental period with the possibility of extension. The maximum period is 2 years.

The landlords have 3 months notice period if they want you to leave the apartment before the contract ends. As for the tenants, the minimum notice period is usually 1 month. But, some have 3 months notice period also.

How much is rent in Stockholm

In my first apartment in Stockholm, I lived in the inner city which is 3 stops away from the central station. It is a 2-room 40sqm apartment and costs 12.000 SEK per month. Everything is included in the rent so I don’t have anything to pay extra.

Generally, the average rent in Stockholm is 12.000 SEK. It varies on the size of the apartment and its location. The farther you live, the cheaper the rent is.

Always do your research first about the area before signing the lease. If the cost is too cheap, then it is probably too good to be true.

How to Find an Apartment For Rent in Stockholm 16
In Qasa, you will see if the apartment is too expensive or not.

Related post: Are you curious to know if living in Stockholm is expensive or not? I created a detailed post about the cost of living in Stockholm & and what our monthly expenses look like.

How was your apartment-hunting experience?

It can be a struggle to find apartments for rent in Stockholm, especially when you have a smaller budget. If you do not mind commuting, then I suggest that you get an apartment that is outside the inner city.

I now live outside the inner city, but my apartment is bigger, newly-built, has an elevator, and I have my own washing machine & dryer. Everything is included in the rent too, and my rent now is cheaper.

I hope this short post gives you an idea of how to find an apartment in Stockholm! Check out my step-by-step guide on moving abroad.

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