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A travel & expat life blogger from the Philippines who moved to Sweden. Stay tuned to learn new things and take on everyday life, and have a peek at what it’s like to live abroad.

As a foreigner in Sweden, I am letting you in on my adventures and experiences (even the negative ones) while living abroad!

Started as a weekend hobby to share my quick getaways, this blog becomes my platform for sharing my expat life, different travel stories, tips, and guides. 

I believe you don’t have to travel far to experience new things!

If you are new here, or you are just curious about what it’s like to be living abroad, then you are in the right place!

Yes, it’s never too late to move abroad!

If you are considering living overseas someday and just want a little push… I got you! Here you will find the top posts about expat life that will definitely make you want to pack your bags now

In this blog, you will have a peek at what it’s like to work and live in Sweden or live abroad in general. 

Sweden is a great place to work and live, so have a look at my ultimate guide on how to move to Sweden.

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