How To Get Your Life Together: Reset Routine

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With everything that is going on right now, it feels like life stopped. My mind has been a mess, and taking action is a struggle. I guess everyone is on a survival mode right now, and desperately need to figure out how to get your life together.

Over a couple of months, I noticed I have been procrastinating, skipping on tasks that are important, and spending way too much time on things that are not important. I needed to figure out how to get my life together.

I’m sure you can relate, and you are wondering how to get your life together, that’s why you are here.

Life is less chaotic lately, and I’m managing it, focusing on the things that matter and things I can control. Whenever I feel my life is going downhill, I always do a reset routine to getting my life together.

It’s not every day we feel productive, sometimes we lose motivation and want to do nothing at all! It’s normal to feel that way, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for trying your best!

The idea of how to get your life together sounds simple: putting things in action. But, it’s easier said than done, so here are the different ways on how to create a reset routine to get your life back together.

Figure out where to start and what you want

A lot of people are sitting around waiting for things to happen to them — I am guilty of this too! If you want some things to be different, you need to start taking action even if just a little.

Think about what you want to change before you start figuring out how to get your life together.

Set some realistic goals for yourself whether or not it is as simple as spending 15 minutes per day decluttering or organizing. Whatever that is, be specific with what you want. Then you will start to get your life back.

Figuring out where to start and what you want allows you to take control of where your life is heading. So, this is an important step on how to get your life together.

Now that you know where to start and what you want, it’s time to make an action plan and make space in your schedule.

Make space in your schedule

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to take action to make that change. Use a calendar and dedicate a block of time where you focus on what you are planning to do.

As much as possible, lessen the manual activities at home and make a routine so you will have more space in your schedule.

  1. Clean out email inbox 
  2. Simplify your life at home
  3. Minimize daily decisions

Clean out email inbox

Going through your inbox and seeing hundreds of mails only adds clutter to your mind. Take some time to go through it and give a quick response to whoever is waiting to hear from you.

  • Create a to-do list or snooze an email for later then get back to it
  • Send a quick response 
  • Stop subscribing to newsletters that don’t add value to you

I am using the Spark mail app on my phone since 2016, and it is the best mail app I’ve ever used.

Minimize daily decisions

Since you are already figuring out how to get your life together, try to minimize your daily decisions. What are the major decisions you make each day? Mine is deciding what to wear and what to eat.

Instead of spending a few minutes deciding what to wear in the morning, I start preparing the night before. When it comes to what I eat, I don’t like cooking, so having to decide what to eat and cook every day is exhausting for me!

If you can relate, you can start preparing your meals on Sunday and put it in your fridge, especially when you are working from home.

Lastly, establishing a daily routine is a step to get your life back and be in control.

Do something you’ve been avoiding one at a time

Go back on your to-do list (if you have one), or think about ONE THING you know you have to do but have been postponing it. You will always have a task you’ve been putting off for months but have been thinking about it every single day. Imagine the energy you wasted!

You’ll never know, but what if that task only takes 15 minutes to be done?

Some examples are

  1. Folding the clothes on the chair 
  2. Making a phone call to your doctor or dentist 
  3. Making your bed 
  4. Cleaning your bathroom
  5. Unpacking your luggage  

Give yourself a self-love day

As you figure out how to get your life together, it is as important to give yourself a self-love day and practice it intentionally.

Giving yourself a self-love day should also be a part of your reset routine when you are planning to get your life back. Self-love is one of the best things you can do for your growth.

Accept what you don’t know. Give yourself a break. Appreciate yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Some ideas you can do on your self-love day:

  1. Buy yourself flowers 
  2. Give yourself a facial or go to a spa 
  3. Write down the things that make you happy 
  4. Get some extra sleep
  5. Spend the day doing something you love 
  6. Make a list of things you are good at 
  7. Pamper yourself
  8. Light a scented candle 
  9. Do something you are passionate about
  10. Prioritize your mental health

After doing that, you will immediately feel proud of yourself!

One of the self-love activity that I want is receiving subscription boxes! I like the joy of opening up a package and trying out new things!

Reset your space

I know it is a cliche, but clear space = clear mind.

I learned about resetting your space after watching a How to Reset Your Space video by muchelleb on YouTube back in 2018. It is a life-changing concept, and I have been doing it as part of my reset routine.

As soon as you wake up, you reset your bedroom by making the bed.

Before you start working, you reset your workspace by cleaning and organizing your desk.

After having lunch, you reset your kitchen by washing the dishes.

If you want to do something bigger, you reset your space by decluttering or going through all your clothes and getting rid of the ones you no longer use.

There are a lot of ideas on how to reset your space; start with something simple and start organizing. Then you will see that you slowly get your life back!

Prioritize and plan the week

The secret on how to get your life together is to make a plan backed by action.

Make a list of your priorities for the week ahead. Write down your weekly goals so you will stay organized and focused for the week.

When I wanted to focus on organization and productivity, I use this Life Dashboard template by muchelleb that you can import to Notion.

Getting my life together: my reset routine

I often do my reset routine (aka getting my life together routine) on a Sunday because it’s a good slow down before the workweek starts. I prefer to get these things done lazily throughout the day, and it helps me ease my Monday anxiety!

  • Do my laundry as soon as I wake up & fold clothes after 
  • Recycle & throw garbage
  • Clean my space 
  • Respond to emails 
  • Prepare my meal for the next few days
  • Plan my week and dump new to-dos 
  • Self-care: hair mask & face mask

A Sunday reset routine is also like a weekly morning routine that sets you up to have the most productive day! But this time, it’s helping you get your life together.

Whenever I needed to figure out how to get my life together, I start with my morning routine. Then since we are now working from home, I also needed to figure out how to stay productive while working from home that was a challenge at first.

Final thoughts: You need to let go of the things you can’t control to start figuring out how to get your life together.

Some things and situations are beyond your control. It is a struggle to pick yourself up, and you cannot immediately figure out how to get your life together.

One suggestion that I got—and have been following—is to acknowledge and evaluate the current situation. I let myself feel sad and down because I need to express my emotions. And, it is normal and okay to feel that way.

I still think and wish that there could be things that I could have done, but that’s it—just wishful thinking.

I still have to start taking action, making sure I learned from it, then I can focus on getting my life together!

I hope this post helped you figure out how to get your life together!

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