Photo Diary: Gdansk, Poland

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Traveling to Gdansk, Poland was supposed to be my birthday trip in October. Since it’ll be autumn by then, I thought why not just visit Gdansk during summer? Besides, I am on a 3-week vacation from work, and I’ll be only traveling in Helsinki. So, I added this city to my travel destination this summer.

Gdansk Town Hall Tower

My travel to Gdansk was my first solo travel. Do you often feel anxious whenever you go to the airport and wait to travel to your next destination? I do. But this time, I didn’t feel any negative emotions at all. I just felt the excitement of traveling solo in Europe.

Before I decided to visit Gdansk, I checked the cheapest airfare on the dates that I want to travel. And, yes, Gdansk is on the top of the list. I checked blogs and vlogs about Gdansk and realized that Gdansk is an underrated city. People should start visiting this city ASAP.

A Photo Diary of Gdansk, Poland

The photos consist mostly of the Long Lane (Dluga Street) in Gdansk which is the main attraction of the old town.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

City Hall

Gdansk City Hall
Gdansk Town Hall
Took this photo at around 8 PM during my visit in summer.
Gdansk Town Hall Tower
Jarmark Dominikański Counter

Neptune’s Fountain

The Neptune’s Fountain is not only a fountain. It’s a historic fountain that was spared from destruction during WWII. This fountain was hidden together with the other treasures of Gdansk and was only brought back to the long market in the 1950s.

Neptune's Fountain, Gdańsk

Basilica of St. Mary

St. Mary’s Church is one of the largest brick churches in the world. It is open to the public, and there’s no way that you would miss the beauty of this church while you are visiting Gdansk in Poland.

Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gdańsk

You can reach the top of the bell tower for only 10 PLN (5 PLN if you’re a student). You need to prepare for this because it will take you 409 steps to reach the top.

View from Basicila of St. Mary Tower

Green Gate

You’re probably wondering why this is called the Green Gate even though it’s not green. That’s because this gate leads to the Green Bridge where you will see the Motława River.

Green Gate
Green Gate Corner
Motlawa River

Zuraw or Crane by the Motława River. Gdansk is also famous for this crane. In fact, when you Google photos about this city, you will often see this crane. This black crane is famous because it represents the trading age of the city.

Zuraw - Crane

Mariacka Street

Can I say that Mariacka Street is the most romantic street I’ve ever been to? Maybe because I’m watching too many movies! But, on a serious note, I find this street romantic because of its vibes when you get there.

There are fewer people here than in Dluga street. What you can see in this street is mostly jewelry shops and a few cafes or restaurants. Once you visit the St. Mary’s Church, you will find yourself in this street after.

Photo Diary: Gdansk, Poland 1
Photo Diary: Gdansk, Poland 2

Photo Diary: Gdansk, Poland 5

Aside from this city, I also visited Sopot while I was in Poland. I originally planned on visiting the tri-city: Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia but the weather weren’t inviting so I skipped taking another trip to the beach in another city.

Do you agree that Gdansk is one of the underrated cities?

I cannot wait to share with you the photos from when I visited Sopot! In the meantime, you can read my other travels here.

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