My First Apartment in Stockholm

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Before moving to Stockholm, a relocation consultant helped me look for an apartment. I already have a list of apartments that I want to move in; but, unfortunately, I cannot rent that because I have to get an apartment to the relocation company. Honestly, I didn’t like all the photos that I saw. Well, except for this apartment. 

I already know that the apartment is Stockholm is more expensive. For some reason, I thought that it would be a lot better if I already have a place to stay as soon as I arrive in Stockholm, so I chose this apartment. Then again, I got delayed for a few months instead of January. I had to pay the first few months even before I move in… but, that’s another story.

My first apartment in Stockholm

Nonetheless, when the landlord toured me in this apartment, I was ecstatic! The photos were really different than the actual, and I was not expecting a lot. There are no elevators in the building, no washing machine in my apartment, so I have to schedule laundry in the basement. I am renting a 40m² 2-room fully-furnished apartment with a separate kitchen. Fortunately, this includes electricity/gas, water, heating, internet, and cable TV

Okay, I am so excited to share the photos! I thought I should document this so I could have something to look back to if I move to another apartment.

As soon as you enter the apartment, you will see the cabinet with a full-sized mirror (which is my most favorite in this apartment). Then, the bathroom is just across the hallway.

To make it easier to clean the apartment, the shoes can only go up to that point. The bag is where I put the newspapers, magazines, and mails that I receive almost every single day.

Also, my landlord used to live in London. Thus, the London print.

Kitchen and Dining Area

If you know me, you probably should know that I hate cooking. I always say “why do I have to prepare food for 30-60 minutes, and eat it in less than 30 minutes?” Haha. Or, it’s just my excuse because I am too lazy to cook (because I don’t really know how).

Anyway, when I saw a photo of the kitchen, I got excited because of the oven. I have always wanted to try baking. I think I will like baking more because the measurements are exact. I kinda hate it when I am told: “just add a pinch of ____”. 


Yup, my dining table is now my desk. I don’t eat there; I eat in the living room. Plus, I didn’t have a computer desk in my apartment so I used my dining table instead of buying a new one.

By the way, my landlord’s grandmother made the painting.

Checking some home inspirations on Pinterest, I have always wanted to have my fridge or dishwasher hidden behind a cabinet. That’s why you’ll notice that you cannot see the fridge and dishwasher in my photo above. That’s because it’s behind the cabinet! 

I put all my chargers and cables in the basket placed in the window. I also love writing down notes, so I have lots of pads near my laptop. 

Living Room

As I have mentioned, this is where I eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and watch Netflix.

Living room


Finally, my bedroom! I don’t have doors in my bedroom, so basically it’s an open space.

There’s nothing fancy in my room, but a chair and a side table where I put my book and sleep mask.

My First Apartment in Stockholm 2
My First Apartment in Stockholm 3
I noticed that Swedes prefer a larger space of the living room instead of a bedroom. It’s normal to see beds that are placed in one corner (and sometimes they usually just put curtains. Also, in small apartments, you will notice that there are no doors in the bedrooms.
My First Apartment in Stockholm 4


My bathroom is really small, even my sink! There’s a note on my mirror; I listed my skincare routine in the morning and evening because I usually forget about the correct steps. 😛

This is my first apartment in Stockholm. I really love it, and I love the location too! Although it is a 10-15 minutes walk to the train station (or I could take the bus around the corner), it’s only 3 stations away from the central station. Isn’t that great? Regardless of what time I leave, I will always be at the office or home in 30 minutes. 

Also, everything is almost accessible. There’s a grocery store just 5 minutes by walking from my apartment. It’s a big deal because I don’t like going back and forth so I usually buy groceries in one go. Which means I have to carry everything! 

The cost of my rent is 12.000 SEK which is an average cost since it is in the city center.

I hope that a few years from now I can buy my own apartment. I will definitely go all-out designing it! 

    1. Thank youuuuu. I’m really happy that this apartment looks waaay better than the photos! Being independent is kinda scary, but I love how I can prioritize myself. Self-care muna ?

    1. It is! 🙂 I really love staying here. I am thinking of renting a room instead since it’s cheaper, but I also want being alone in the apartment.

    1. Aww that’s so sweet of you. Thank you ? people were always asking if I feel lonely since I’m on my own here, but honestly, I’m not. I like all the time that I have for myself. 🙂 I guess it really helps if you keep yourself busy as well. I hope someday you’ll have the courage to go independent too! It’s worth a try ?

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