Breakfast at Antipolo: Eggs for Breakfast Cafe

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Eggs for Breakfast Cafe has been one of the go-to breakfasts at Antipolo. Secretly located in Velada Estate and Events place, Eggs for Breakfast is an all-day breakfast/brunch place. The place is cozy and has an intimate atmosphere. No wonder a lot of people are raving about this cafe! This place is definitely inviting.

Also, they have another branch in Marikina that you can go to.

Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo

Miguel and I love breakfast or brunch dates! We just enjoy starting our day together early.

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe Antipolo is in a perfect location because it is only 5 minutes away from his house.

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe is an all-day breakfast and brunch cafe which is open from 7 AM to 5 PM only. It has a small parking space for 6 to 7 cars, and itโ€™s accessible by commute as well. We went there around 10 AM to have brunch, and we still waited for us to be seated.

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Breakfast at Antipolo: Eggs for Breakfast Cafe 1

Velada Estate and Events

While Miguel and I were waiting for our turn, we took the chance to have a leisurely walk to see how beautiful this venue is.

Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo

The photo below is the only area of Eggs for Breakfast Cafe. It’s a small cafe that can only accommodate at most 34 people at a time. Don’t worry, though, you can roam around the area while you are waiting for your turn.

The Eggs for Breakfast Cafe in Marikina is probably a lot bigger!

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe

We didn’t wait long! A lot of people just keep on coming to Eggs for Breakfast Cafe. I’m already impressed with the place, but I wonder what the food will taste like?

I ordered white truffle carbonara (PHP 270) while Miguel ordered buttermilk pancakes (PHP 135) and deconstructed hash brown (PHP 190). 

From the cafe’s name itself, most food in the Eggs for Breakfast menu revolves around eggs. 

The cafe offers coffee and a lot of food: soup, salads, omelet, pasta, pancakes, French toast, cereals, and many more. The cafe also offers smoothies that are perfect for the weather.

You can find all the food that this cafe can offer here.

For the price of the food, Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo has big servings, and the food was okay. I didnโ€™t like my carbonara, but I would still love to try different food from this cafe and maybe try the eggs. Besides, it’s only a 5-minute drive from Miguel’s house!

Anyway, the staff is accommodating and attentive. I’m happy that they will immediately attend to your needs, so it’s already a plus to the cafe.

They didn’t have a service charge, but the staff still deserve a tip because of their great service.

So, if you are planning to have breakfast at Antipolo, then you should definitely add Eggs for Breakfast Cafe to your list!

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe Antipolo Address

Velada Estate, #21 Don Juan Street, Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo

How to travel to Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo

By public transportation

  • There are two ways to go here from Cubao
    • via LRT
      1. Ride an LRT to Santolan
      2. Ride a jeep or UV Express to Antipolo Simbahan. Make sure that they will pass through Sumulong Highway since there are jeeps that go through Junction.
      3. Alight at Villa Cecilia Subdivision. The nearest landmark is Mango Grille.
      4. From there, walk straight ahead for 3 to 5 minutes.
      5. Turn left on the second street.
      6. You will see Eggs for Breakfast Cafe‘s parking space as soon as you turn left.
    • via Jeep/UV express
      1. Ride a jeep or UV Express to Antipolo Simbahan. Make sure that they will pass through Sumulong Highway since there are jeeps that go through Junction.
      2. Alight at Villa Cecilia Subdivision. The nearest landmark is Mango Grille.

By car

  • Drive along Marcos Highway
  • Turn right to Sumulong Highway
  • Drive for about 1 km, then turn right to Villa Cecilia Subdivision
  • Drive straight ahead, then turn left on the second street

For reservation at Eggs for Breakfast Antipolo, you may call them at (02) 721 324 34. For more information, visit Eggs for Breakfast Cafe on Facebook or Instagram.

For more information on Eggs for Breakfast Cafe in Marikina, you can contact them at +63 28 292 3349 or visit their Facebook.

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  1. Though I’m not sure of your personal taste with food, I already trust your palette. And if you say the carbonara’s not that good, I take your word for it. Medyo nasayangan ako dun because the place is worth a visit. Ang ganda ng surroundings.

    1. I prefer carbonara like the one in Shakey’s. I know din na the food is not okay kasi even Miguel didn’t want to finish it. He’s the type na ayaw niya may natitira na food so he always eats it. He’s done after one bite, so sayang hindi naubos ung food. Sayang nga na ganun yung food. Naging hype lang talaga that’s why people go there. I’ve read the reviews din in FB, and some are really not happy with the food + cost.

  2. Almost anyone I knew who came here has the same feedback: Good place, bad food. So I’m kinda discourage to go. But maybe someday they’ll improve so why not?

    1. Di baaaa! ? I checked the reviews din on FB. Same, same! And some mentioned Rustic Mornings! I really recommend that place, yun na lang puntahan mo! Hihi. Sana nga pinuntahan na lang nman ung cafe that you blogged. 14 Cafe ba yun? Kapag bumalik ako sa Eggs for Breakfast, I’ll order a different food, then I’ll let you know!

  3. Discovered this on Facebook, too, and I was caught with the eggs because I ~love~ eggs, lol. Followed their Instagram account in an instant and I actually admire how cool their posts are. From those IG photos, I must say that their food especially their coffee should be good. Will definitely try it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yay! Once you’ve tried it, let me know what you ordered and if it tastes okay! I’m not happy with carbonara, but I still want to try other foods. Might order a coffee too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. This looks like a homey cafe ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish these kinds are constructed here in our place too !

  5. When I clicked this article, I was expecting to see food photos but I was wrong hahaha. Actually the place looks pretty and would love to dine in a nook like this. Sana the next time you’ll be back mag-enjoy kana sa food.
    I love your blog, Karen. And thanks for visiting my blog as well!

    Joy |

    1. Sorry! I really have NO talent in food photography. I took several photos of the food but it didn’t look okay talaga ? I thought my food photos will ruin my post. Hahaha!
      Thank you for visiting my blog, Joy! I hope you’ll stick around! ??

  6. I’ve been eyeing this place for so long, but it’s really far from me for just one cafe. ๐Ÿ™ The place, though, it’s huge and every detail is elegant. I might drop by if ever nasa Antipolo ako. Haha. Thanks for sharing this, Karen!

    1. They made the right choice na dun ung location, sa vicinity ng events venue! I really like the place, bet ko pa naman ung mala-garden. Hahaha. You’re welcome! โค๏ธ

  7. I usually order carbonara too when it’s on the menu! I like mine cheesy, pero merong ibang carbonara na parang more on eggs so those ones disappoint me. Too bad it doesn’t seem like the food is worth the hype? I would be hoping it’ll be really good for the price.

    1. Prefer ko na carbonara yung tipong sa Shakey’s! The pasta didn’t dry up immediately + I like the sauce. I’m not really sure if it’s worth it or not ? mas prefer ko mag spend ng money sa Rustic Mornings! Have you been there? I’ll come back to Eggs for Breakfast soon, and will try the bestsellers! ?

  8. I’ve heard a lot about that cafe! Mostly on IG, because the place looks really nice talaga. It’s too bad you were kinda disappointed with what you ordered. Ang sad lang when they hype + the looks doesn’t meet your expectations. Haha lol. But anywaaay, how about the pancakes? What does your boyfriend think about his order? *Kinda hoping that they’ll redeem themselves on this one though*

    1. That’s what I hate about places na hype lang. I’ve been disappointed too many times. Pero so far, so good. Okay naman sa Eggs for Breakfast. Yung food na inorder ko lang talaga ๐Ÿ™ I haven’t tried their pancakes eh, pero my boyfriend said bland ung lasa nung hash brown.
      Some are recommending their platter favorites. I’ll try it pag bumalik ako dun. I guess I’m comparing it to Rusting Mornings, kaya somehow disappointed ako.

  9. OHMYGOSH sobrang lapit lang samin but I never heard of this gem of a place! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My friend and I are planning to eat somewhere we’ve never eaten before, I will suggest this place to her! <3 thanks for sharing this and lovely photos, Karen! The place looks wonderful. I browsed the menu and I'm eyeing the Tapa meal hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I was surprised nung nalaman ko na 2014 pa pala yung cafe na yan! Bakit late lang siya lumabas sa social media. Let me know how’s their tapa meal ah. And thank you, Abby! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. If you want to try another place, I recommend Rustic Mornings! Have you been there? ๐Ÿ™‚ but Eggs for Breakfast is okay din, I’ll come back soon!

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