Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey

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Cape May, New Jersey is the last place that the entire family went to before we start going back to our homes. Only a few hours away from tito’s (uncle) house, we stopped at The Lobster House to grab some lunch. I’ve been looking forward to this day because of the good weather, crabs, and beach! I tried the soft shell crab and crab cakes, it was sooooo good.

I love how it was bright, sunny, and warm for the entire day. It felt nice to finally see the beach after a year of living in Sweden. The beach we went to somehow gave a vibe that I am in the Philippines — clear water, fine sands, and surrounded by Filipinos.

I realized how this trip to the US brought everyone together (one family lives in the US, and the rest are in the Philippines). They even said that for the first time, the entire family is all together. I get how difficult it must be to be away from the rest of the family. Anyway, it feels good to know that I am also very welcome in Miguel’s family.

The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow, built in circa 1879, is one of the guest houses in Cape May. Before we started walking around the area, this is the first house that I saw. Look how picturesque it is! It looked like it came straight from a fairy tale.

Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 1

Victorian Houses

Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 2
Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 3

Every corner is picture-worthy. Whenever I visit a new place and see that the facade never changes, I kinda wish we did the same in the Philippines. Imagine… just imagine, we kept the exterior of our bahay kubo, and everything else is just so traditional. I haven’t been to Vigan, but I know that the architecture was preserved so you would see what the Philippines looked like way back.

Cape May Lighthouse & Beach

Unfortunately, we didn’t go inside the lighthouse because it’s about closing time when we got there. A few people were just strolling at the beach, and enjoying the fresh air and smelling the ocean breeze. I also took a photo of Miguel doing something funny.

Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 4
Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 5

Shops in Cape May, New Jersey

Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 10
Photo Diary: Cape May, New Jersey 11
I realized late that on the other side of the wood plank, Cape May was written. But, at least I got a good photo of the area with the US flag in it!

Miguel and I went to this shop that sells lucky charms. I don’t entirely believe in it, but I would still give it a shot. I bought three lucky charms: Lucky Little Piggy that brings good fortune, Lucky Turtle Scratcher can help you find the prize you’ve always had in mind and The Magical Mermaid Charm that serves as a reminder for you to know, that you will have strength and courage wherever you go.

After strolling in Cape May, we had some ice cream to beat the heat and headed to the Atlantic City to play casino (Haha. I’m just kidding about the casino part)! I definitely enjoyed our US trip.

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