Hi, I’m Karen!

A millennial Filipino who left her life in Manila to work abroad in Sweden.

I started this blog as an outlet for sharing my weekend adventures and experiences abroad (even those negative ones) but it quickly turned into something more than that: a platform providing you all with tips and guides on how to live life overseas or just talk about what it’s like being different from home!  

If there’s anything we can do together – whether it’s planning your move abroad today; getting advice from someone who already lived here awhile, or feeling inspired after reading one of the many stories – let me know!

I have helped (and met) a lot of foreigners, mostly Filipinos, who are planning to move abroad or who have moved to Sweden.

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Life Abroad

Planning to move abroad? Curious about what it’s like to live abroad? You’ll find everything you need from moving abroad to living abroad!



It’s a struggle to not have a powerful passport or plan for a trip. You don’t have to take so much time anymore. You’ll find visa guides, travel guides, and more!



Of course, just reading tips & tricks or guides are sometimes not enough. I finally created a podcast, together with my husband, where we talk about life abroad, relationships, and everything in between!

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